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A Bit Hacked Off About The Builders Rubbish

Phew! The wife is back at last and my week of solitude is over. I was so excited when she got back that I spent the morning getting the house really tidy and even popped to the shops to make sure we had food in the house. I had been surviving on takeaways and ready meals...yes I know, typical bloke.

Some might say that this is the absolute minimum I should have done, but Claire knows me well enough to know that me doing these two things shows how much I missed her. Besides I did buy flowers as well.

We also had a big chat when she got back and I had to remind her about our original agreement about me taking on all this extra work. It was supposed to be for a limited time, until we sort out our financial situation and that she had agreed to support me even though I will be working longer hours. I think she just found it harder during the holidays than she realised.

But the good thing is that this job in particular is shaping up to be a good money spinner and she will be suitability impressed - I hope - when we have a few grand extra sitting in our account in a few weeks time. Let's hope I am not counting my chickens and all that, because all this extra work has to be worth it in the end...

So the is going OK. The builders are finally off site and we have been able to crack on with the fitting. I am not entirely happy with the job the builders have done, but I think I just have to accept that their standards are not quite as high as mine. Something tells me I would never get the sort of job done which I would do myself.

I am not saying they have cut any corners, it is just the odd wavy wall and poor finishing touches. Plus they left a huge mess in the garden. I have a skip out the front, but they found it easier to dump all their offcuts out the back. I thought it would be standard practise for them to clean up after themselves, but no! Something about it being be the main contractors responsibility to ensure a clear working area. You what?! Sounds like they are talking out of their rears in my opinion. But for the sake of an hours work for Katy and I, I didn't push it. But the cost of an extra skip is not welcomed!

So it has been on to the downstairs flat. We have a pretty good quality kitchen and bathroom going in as Chris wants to get top whack for the rent. But of course we had one minor disaster. When we were fitting the bath, Katy had a little accident with a heavy tap which left us with a nice chip the the bath surface...I seriously considered taking the whole bath out and returning it to the store as damaged. But I thought about the fact that this was just a little bit illegal and also it had been a real bugger to get in place due to the awkward shape of the bathroom.

So Katy had a good lesson in repairing chipped enamel on baths and also another lesson on the importance of covering the surrounding area while she works. The chip is still noticeable, but it looks like a slight imperfection and hopefully it won't be a problem.

By next week we should have moved on to tiling and flooring in the sitting room. Lovely oak floorboards. I wish I was moving in!

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