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A Bit Sceptical

Would you believe work is actually going pretty well at the moment. Things in the middle flat are taking shape and my schedule is pretty much going to plan. Of course knowing me there is likely to be something which I have forgotten to order or something unexpected is likely to turn up. But right now I am being positive, if that is actually possible!

I have been spending a bit of time working on the fitted wardrobe this week. Of course it has been a little bit more complicated than I expected as the off the shelf version didn't quite fit the space. So I took the time to actually build a set of wooden sliding doors. You might think this is a real hassle, but actually it was quicker and cheaper than the boring DIY store option. The wood will need painting, but otherwise they fitted great and look pretty cool.

I ordered the top and bottom track system from an online supplier. It is pretty simple actually. The kit came with rollers which are fixed into the top and bottom of the doors and I bought a double track so the doors can pass behind each other. I used a bit of extra wood to build a frame around the whole lot so it fits perfectly into the space.

The biggest part of the week was the visit to IKEA however. I worked out that they were the best place to get the insides of the wardrobe. Drawers, baskets, hanging rails and shoe racks. Fitting all of these took a good day, but the whole unit is now pretty cool looking and I wish I had one at home. (put it on the list...)

At home things have been moving along with our idea of buying a renovation project. Claire arranged for a mortgage broker to come and talk to us. It may be harder for us to get a mortgage because I am self employed and Claire is a stay at home Mum. But because we have a healthy deposit, the broker thought we should get a reasonable offer. Anyway we went ahead and filled in an application to the best bank and it is just a case of wait and see.

I am pretty sceptical actually. Being self employed seems to be a real issue with lenders these days. It strikes me as being a little bit ironic that the government encourages people to step out on their own and start businesses to stimulate the economy and then does nothing to help people get the money to do these sorts of things.

In the meantime, I have asked Claire to design the garden for the downstairs flat as a way of helping her towards her ambitions. As I have already said working together is not always a good idea, but if I got anyone else in to do it I would be in the bad books for the rest of the year. I have no choice on that one!

Eva is still bringing me cups of tea and tends to stop for a chat these days. She has done wonders with her flat. It seems that she has travelled the world and has loads of amazing stories to tell which match up to all these trinkets she has brought back from her travels. Every time I pick up something she tells me where it came from and something about the person she got it from. Whether it is India, Fiji or Iceland; she seems to have travelled all over. Even Claire is interested in meeting her now. The kids would think she is great too!

Two weeks left before the new tenants move in to flat number two, then on to the high spec one. Looking forward to that. Nice for a change.

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