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A Builder’s Home is Always Last on the List

Thank goodness we are home...that was one week of near hell, interspersed with pockets of fun. The park itself was pretty good when it came down to it. If you can get away from the crowds and avoid the mega-expensive food outlets, then the rest of it is actually OK. Of course I loved the rides and I could see that the kids were having a good time. Claire put the hard word on me and told me I had to pretend I was having a good time even if I wasn' the end of the day that wasn't too hard.

The hotel was another story altogether. Queues for the never-ending buffet, queues for the bar, queues for the sun-loungers and too much splashing and screaming in the pools. The weather was great and that is about all I can say which is positive about the hotel experience.

I did however get my vineyard trip in. We arranged a one night stay in a little B&B close to a number of vineyards and headed that way on our way home. I had every intention of being “good”, but needless to say, my wine tasting got a little out of hand and Claire was forced to take over the driving while I sang songs in the passenger seat, much to the delight of the kids. I think Claire was just a bit embarrassed. By the end of the first day I didn't much care if the wine was good or not – my palate was beyond hope. Still several boxes of wine were purchased and should keep us going at least until Christmas!

Needless to say, I have come home about half a stone heavier and about £3000 lighter in the wallet....

Now we are home and I have a few days before I head back to work on Monday and my DIY fingers are getting itchy. Looking around the house, I can see at least a dozen jobs which I can be getting on with. Can't afford to do the big jobs, but I need to sort the garden and touch up some outside paintwork.

The jet wash will be working overtime too. This is something I had better get onto soon as a hosepipe ban looks like it might be on the cards this summer. Claire is having kittens about the lawn and is worried we won't be able to use the sprinkler. She loves her lawn. Personally I would be happy to put decking over the whole lot!

I wonder why it is that a builders home is always the last on the list to get the jobs done. Claire has threatened to “get a man in” to do some of the bigger jobs. Am I not a man? She reckons that it isn't fair that she has to wait until weekends and holidays when her friends get the work done all at once. Yeah, at a price!

I know I could never have another contractor in my home as they would never be as good as me. I am sure there are people out there who do a good job, but I am yet to come across them.

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