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A Few DIY Repairs at Disney

Aargh!! The Marty family have descended on Euro-Disney, or to be more precise – Disney fever has taken over the Marty family.

Let me set the scene: Hours spent in the car, on the train and searching for the hotel. Some excited running about when we get to the room, checking out the swimming pool and the restaurant. This is followed by Claire reading the in-room food menu and insisting this was the best and cheapest option for dinner. I know this isn't true, but I go along with it anyway. Anything to avoid the queueing hoards downstairs.

Then this morning we get up at the crack of dawn (I thought this was supposed to be a holiday!). We jump on the bus to head to the park with kids in tow. Pushchairs, snacks, drinks and everything else you can think of packed into one very large rucksack, which I have to carry.

Now, I hate the crowds, I hate the commercialism and I hate the fake smiles and the expensive mechanise. But I love the look of my kid's faces when they entered this alternative reality. They had eyes the size of saucers and it seemed impossible to wipe the smiles off their faces. There was a few minutes of delighted screaming and jumping up and down while we made a plan on the best way to attack what has to be said is one huge park!

I won't bore you with the details of many hours of queues, minutes of pretty cool rides, too many Euros spent on dodgy burgers and one kind of queasy little girl after one teacup ride too many. My guess is that our Euro-Disney experience is much the same as anyone else's. But I have to eat my hat and admit that it was kind of fun. But we have three days of this....

We have decided that we will get the most of the park by doing it in thirds and will be coming back for the next two days. So as you can tell I am writing this after the first day and the reality of this long haul holiday hasn't quite set in just yet. Just wait until next week when I will be just arrived home and hopefully much more chilled out.

So as this is a DIY blog I have to tell you a little story about our hotel room. It is one of these family affairs with two double beds and a cot. Not much space, but at least it is kitted out for kids. Everything to keep them amused is within arms reach, so I guess that is OK. But it does show some pretty serious signs of wear and tear, as you might expect.

As the quality of the room leaves a little to be desired, I just couldn't sit there and look at the wonky cupboard doors and the leaky much to Claire's disgust and amusement, my Swiss Army knife came out and I just had to fix these small issues. She says I am obsessed with perfection, but I know that I feel calmer when I am fixing stuff and showing my male skill by doing a few repairs. Getting out a tool of some description just makes me feel at home...

So three days of Disney, two days in the hotel pool and one day of sight-seeing and drinking wine are ahead of us. Guess which I am looking forward to the most?

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