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A Waste of My Hard Earned Cash

Well, the country seems to be headed for election fever over the next few weeks and it has started already. The old leaflets are starting to come through the door and the rhetoric is coming across the TV and radio. But when it comes down to it, what we all want is to be able to get a mortgage, get paid for an honest days work and not get fleeced every which way.

Yep, you guessed it, I am talking banks today. Like all those other self employed people out there, I recently had to pay a nice big tax bill. Fair enough, but it is frightening how much of my hard earned cash goes into paying for hair brained Government schemes or worse still, bank bailouts...

The thought of my money paying for bonuses which by all accounts are necessary to run a bank properly is more than I can cope with. The fact that one of the chief execs was saying this week that he couldn't employ decent staff without enticing them with millions in bonuses, beggars belief. When the rest of us are seriously struggling.

My mate Darren was telling me this week that he has gone to several banks for a mortgage and they won't give him one because he is self employed. They demand three years worth of accounts and if you are clever (or your accountant is) and keep your tax bills down, then your income can look pretty shoddy. You can't win. It is like you are not entitled to borrow money unless you have paid through the nose in tax.

Our little house is starting to look pretty small now as well with the kids growing up, but rather than move we are having to consider extending. Not something I want to be doing on my evenings and weekends! I doubt very much I could get a bigger mortgage than we have already so how do we accommodate two kids in a two bedroomed house? Not easily is the answer to that...

So Mr and Ms Bank – all we want is to be able to grow our businesses and our lives in the same way that you do. If your business is improving, which by all accounts they are, then pass some of that love onto your customers. You know, the loyal ones that stuck by you all these years and now want just a little bit of help. No one is saying that people who can't pay a loan should get one, but plenty of us can pay, but can't get one at a decent price.

If the next government is listening, then sorting out the lack of credit and stopping banks from treating their big bosses like royalty would be a good way to start. It would certainly guarantee a few votes.

I think I went off on one there. Claire will be pleased that she didn't have to put up with that rant. Thank you for letting me express myself. My guess is that it won't be the last time!

G L Smith and Sons