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Who's Going To Make The Tea Now Then

Back to normality – well near enough. Little Chloe is back at school, Ethan is back at nursery, Claire is back to normal after all the running around and I am back to work. Brilliant.

Well actually it hasn't been brilliant at all. I am now working on my own and it really isn't fun at all. I have only done a few days and already I am wondering who is going to hold my screwdriver and make the tea. I find myself wanting to explain everything I am doing to someone. I am so used to Katy's incessant questions about everything that I can't work in total silence any more. Thank goodness for the radio!

So it has been just a little bit depressing and I am not coping well. The job I am working on right now is going to be long and hard and someone to help me out would have been good. I am doing a makeover of three flats in one building. Chris owns the whole building which is quite a modern block, but the build quality is just a little bit shoddy.

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Wonders Will Never Cease !

Wonders will never cease! Yesterday I got a call from the police regarding our break-in and they thought they had found some of our stolen items. Now I am not usually very impressed with the way police deal with things and I was fairly sure that they had simply written off all of our stuff. But this time I have to say they did a great job.

Apparently some of the the tools were advertised in the local paper for sale. I am ashamed to say that I wasn't checking for this myself as it now seems really obvious. The police said that they had been keeping an eye out for some time in local papers due to the number of similar break-ins which were happening. They knew that the gear had to be sold off somewhere.

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Working for the Mrs

Who would have thought that a tiny bathroom could take so long to tile. I have only been able to work evenings this week on our little house and all I have managed to do is tile the bathroom and lay the floor.

I guess I could have figured that buying smallish tiles because they were cheap would be a bad idea. I managed to get a great job lot of plain white tiles (enough for the bathroom and the kitchen) for 50% off the recommended retail price. I couldn't turn it down.

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Working On A Rented Property Ain't Easy

Back to work and wishing I hadn't bothered. This new job is shaping up to be one big nightmare. Chris the developer has asked us to work on a rental property while the tenants are still there. This is just asking for trouble, as they are making my life hell.

Even though Chris is paying for all this work to be done, they seem to think it is OK for them to make all the choices with regards to the finish. I have had tile samples and paint charts shoved under my nose at every turn and I have had to explain that Chris doesn't want Barbie pink in the bedroom or a wallpaper feature wall in the sitting room. He wants a nice clean fresh finish which will rent easily if this family leave.

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Working with the Wife - could this be a recipe for disaster ?

It's finished!! OK, well actually it isn't quite finished but it is done enough for the tenants to move in. Yes, I am talking about the house we have been working on for weeks and now it has been changed into three rather nice flats and will hopefully prove to be lovely homes for some of these professional types.

I haven't met the new tenants just yet, but they will see lots of me in the coming weeks. There are more than a few snags to complete and the garden needs a complete makeover. I am hoping for good weather in the next two weeks as I will be putting on my Marty the Landscaper hat. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a gardener, in fact if I can avoid it at home I definitely will.

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Yes - I am a Moaner

So just as the weather changes, so does my health. One cold day and I have caught a bloomin cold. I am sitting here sniffling and wishing I didn't have to work this week. I guess the typical Autumn cold is just one of those things to be expected when the weather changes, but it doesn't make it any easier to put up with.

Yes, I agree, I am a moaner! Claire agrees with you too...

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You’re Hired

Well I am no Alan Sugar, but I think I gave these teenagers the grilling of their lives this week. You'll remember that I was to interview some apprentice candidates for a few days work a week to help me out with my new venture.

It went quite differently to how I expected. In fact I am pretty much dumbfounded by the decision I have made – but more on that later.

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