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Access and Storage

Builders Steps

Access and Storage Builders Steps

Builders steps and 4 tread step ladders for do it yourself and construction. A strong and durable pair of steps will be needed for many projects around the house. Choose a lightweight aluminium model that is tall enough to allow you to reach ceiling height but can still easily be stored so it's readily available.

Combination Ladders

Access and Storage Combination Ladders

Combination and multifunction ladders for stair and staircase work to provide safe stable working platforms. These are versatile multi use ladders which can often be set up as steps, small extension ladder or for working on a stairwell. Check the combinations available and ensure you follow the locking procedure before using.

Extension Ladders

Access and Storage Extension Ladders

Extension ladders for home improvement work and access to carry out repairs. These comprise two or more sections of treads which can be adjusted to the height required. Look for a lightweight but strong model with wide, more comfortable treads. Consider where you are going to store this before buying.

Folding Ladders

Access and Storage Folding Ladders

Folding ladders and foldable step ladders. These are very versatile and can easily be stored. Choose one according to your needs and check the features - some have hand grips, pinch proof folding mechanisms, and carrying straps. Always check the safe maximum load

Ladder Accessories

Access and Storage Ladder Accessories

Ladder accessories including ridge hook for roof ladder, ladder stay stabiliser lock and ladder bucket. Choosing suitable accessories for ladder work can make things a lot easier. Bucket hooks for example are a great help when painting and a ladder stay will make it far safer and easier when working at the top of a ladder.

Loft Ladders

Access and Storage Loft Ladders

Vertical loft ladders and heavy duty loft ladders for attic and loft installations, diy loft flooring and access . These provide a means of safe access to the attic in your home. They vary widely in price according to how sophisticated they are. You can choose from a simple concertina aluminium version through to more elaborate folding ones. Some come already mounted in a loft hatch box making installation quite straightforward.

Platform Steps

Access and Storage Platform Steps

2 to 12 tread step ladders and platform steps for diy and warehouse work. Similar to builders steps but these have a small platform at the top allowing you to stand more comfortably. Look for platforms with a non slip surface and go for a strong but lightweight model so that it can easily be carried.

Roof Ladders

Access and Storage Roof Ladders

Lightweight and heavy duty double and single roof ladder with non slip rungs and ridge hook. These comprise treads mounted between two "stiles" a bit like a regular ladder, but they have a large hook at the top which is designed to sit over the ridge of a roof to secure it. They usually have two small wheels mounted on the opposite side of the hook and this allows them to be rolled up the roof into position.

Scaffold Towers

Access and Storage Scaffold Towers

Scaffold access towers and aluminium work platform or ladder scaffold for home improvement and diy projects. These provide a large working area and allow greater freedom when carrying out repairs and maintenance at height. The platform allows you to keep tools at materials alongside and work safely with both hands free. Larger models have multiple platforms. Consider storage before buying and look for lightweight aluminium models to make handling and erecting easier.


Access and Storage Shelving

Do it yourself shelves and diy garage shelves and shelving as well as kitchen shelves. Shelving for your garage or shed will allow you to keep tools, materials and equipment properly stored. This makes better use of the room and will make it a lot easier finding things when you need them. Heavy duty shelves are available. Check the safe load meets your needs.


Access and Storage Storage

Drawer tower and rollaway tool cabinet and storage units for garage and home. Storing tools and equipment carefully will make them easier to find and protect then. Look for drawer and tool chests which can be locked - tools are valuable and easily stolen.

Trolleys and Trucks

Access and Storage Trolleys and Trucks

Trolleys trucks and sack barrows plus foldable hand truck . Correct handling and lifting of heavy materials is important to prevent injury. All manner of sack trucks and barrows can be bought which make light work of moving heavy objects around. Check the safe working load meets the needs of the job you're doing.