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Bathrooms and Showers


Bathrooms and Showers Accessories

Toilet roll holder, soap dish and bathroom and shower accessories. Adding complimentary accessories to your bathroom can finish it off perfectly and, at the same time, provide a neat way of storing all those essentials. Look for accessories that match the style of your bathroom or accent particular details. Bathroom accessories and fittings with concealed fixings allow for a neater finish.


Bathrooms and Showers Basins

Designer modern and traditional pedestal, wall hung and inset basins and cloakroom sinks. Sometimes referred to as a "wash hand basin" or WHB these are available in a wide variety of styles. Wall hung basins usually come with a pedestal which provides additional support and allows the waste to be hidden. Inset and vanity basins are mounted in a worktop allowing a more integrated look while recent trends mix contemporary with traditional by offering wash bowls mounted on a counter-top.

Bath Panels

Bathrooms and Showers Bath Panels

Front side and end bath panel made from acrylic plastic and wood. Bath panels can be chosen to suit the style of the bathroom whether it be wood or acrylic. You will need to check the details carefully to ensure the panel fits the shape and size of your particular bath. End panels are also available allowing a neat finish to exposed bath ends. More elaborate panels may have moulded designs and even inserts of other materials for decorative effect.

Bath Screens

Bathrooms and Showers Bath Screens

Framed and folding glass bath screens including curved and shower bath screens. These are used to create a shower area at one end of a bath. They are usually made of 4mm toughened glass and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some are completely framed an others comprise only a glass panel hinged at one edge which creates a more open and less intrusive look. Keeping glass bath screens clean can be difficult and some manufacturers add an anti-calc coating to minimise the problem. Shaped glass can be expensive - check all measurements carefully before ordering. Fitting, particularly with the semi framed types, requires a good solid fixing. Better makes have a degree of adjustment available.


Bathrooms and Showers Baths

Classic and contemporary designer steel acrylic and plastic baths and showerbaths. Baths may be "handed" so plan carefully. Also take note of tap hole positions to ensure they suit. Some baths include outlets for whirlpool or spa systems. Recent trends have moved towards a mix of contemporary and traditional styling as can be seen in some of the freestanding baths available. Where space permits, these can make a real statement. Cheaper baths tend to be made from thinner acrylic so check the specification beforehand.


Bathrooms and Showers Cloakrooms

Cloakroom suites including basin trap taps and wc or toilet . Buying a cloakroom suite as an all in one package saves the hassle of buying separate components. They will usually include the basin (either pedestal or wall hung), the basin trap and the wc. But, check to see what is included. Often, taps and waste will need to be purchased separately.


Bathrooms and Showers Commercial

Commercial and industrial bathroom shower, taps and washroom equipment. These washroom or bathroom items are generally more durable making them suitable for heavier use in public buildings and commercial premises. You will also find items suitable to equip disabled toilet facilities such as grab rails and supports.

Digital Showers

Bathrooms and Showers Digital Showers

Digital pumped and wireless mixer showers. Digital showers make use of advanced technology allowing you to set the required temperature and use the read out display to know when the water temperature is correct. This "touch of a button" arrangement provides perfect temperature control and a touch of luxury. Remote start switches can be mounted so you can start the shower without getting wet and know when it's reached temperature.

Electric Showers

Bathrooms and Showers Electric Showers

Electric showers with temperature and flow control varying kW. Electric showers provide a simple solution to installing a shower. Water is heated as it flows by an electric element. Different power ratings are available. The higher powered showers can produce a reasonable rate of flow at a decent temperature. Lower power units may be much cheaper, but the trade off will be that it's unable to give sufficient flow at the required temperature.


Bathrooms and Showers Furniture

Bathroom storage units and cabinets including wall and basin or vanity units plus storage shelves and cupboards. Using cabinets and worktops, a fully fitted bathroom can be achieved. This not only provides a great look to a new bathroom but also enables more cupboard space to be included. This can maximise the use of space and hide the more unsightly elements of the plumbing such as the toilet cistern and waste pipes.


Bathrooms and Showers Lighting

Bathroom lights and lighting including shaver sockets and mirrors.


Bathrooms and Showers Mirrors

Contemporary and designer wall mounted bathroom mirror, vanity unit mirrors and shelves . Mirrors in bathrooms can be a great way to create the illusion of extra space. These can also include a demist function which allows the glass to stay clear when the bathroom steams up. Other models have built in lights offering aesthetic as well as functional appeal

Mixer Showers

Bathrooms and Showers Mixer Showers

Mixer shower with thermostatic function, shower head and shower kits for bathrooms. Mixer showers mounted between the hot and cold supply mix the temperature of the water usually by means of a thermostatic control. Check the water pressure requirement is met before purchase. Some have a single lever controlling both the flow and the temperature. The unit may be surface mounted and the kit usually includes the shower head, flexible hose, and a riser rail.

Power Showers

Bathrooms and Showers Power Showers

Thermostatic and manual power showers with shower head, body jets and controls for flow and temperature. The pump in a power shower boosts the water pressure and the resulting increase in flow gives a stronger more invigorating shower. The mixer valve controls the balance between hot and cold supply and the pump delivers the water to the head. Built in showers like these have the pump and valve contained in one unit making for simpler installation

Shower Accessories

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Accessories

Shower accessories including shower head sprays, riser rails and shower hose. A range of accessories for showers allowing you to select replacements or find new ones. When selecting a shower head or replacement hose, check the fitting connections match. Many shower heads include a choice of water output allowing either a fine spray or a stronger jet of water.

Shower Curtains and Rails

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Curtains and Rails

Shower curtains and rails with fittings and brackets. Choosing a suitable rail for mounting a shower curtain will depend on the fixing positions available. A range of solutions can be found including those with ceiling mounts. Waterproof shower curtains are available in a wide range of patterns and styles

Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Enclosures

Framed rectangular and corner shower enclosure with safety glass and sliding or hinged doors. The safety glass fitted to shower enclosures may be 6mm or 8mm and some are anti limescale treated. Various combinations of panels and doors will allow you to find a shower enclosure to suit your layout whether it be a rectangular or quadrant tray. Some frames have adjustment features so that they can accommodate out of true walls.

Shower Pumps

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Pumps

Shower and impeller pumps to boost flow and pressure suitable for mixer showers and gravity fed systems. These pumps increase the original water pressure enabling a better flow to be delivered to the shower. Note that some are not rated for continuous use. The pressure rating may relate to the equivalent head of pressure or be measured in 'bar'. Anti vibration fittings should be fitted to minimise any noise produced by the pump.

Shower Trays

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Trays

Rectangular corner quadrant and square shower trays made from stone and acrylic. Full range of Diy bathroom and shower equipment and supplies Various materials are used in the manufacture of shower trays each having their own features. The design of the tray you fit will depend on the location but many shapes and sizes are available. Trays with adjustable height make fitting easier. Plan the plumbing of the waste before hand to ensure these can be adequately accommodated. Some contemporary designs feature ultra shallow trays giving a minimalist look.

Shower Valves

Bathrooms and Showers Shower Valves

Thermostatic and twin flow shower mixer valves. Concealed and exposed thermostatic shower valves. Shower valves are fitted to the hot and cold water supply allowing the water to be mixed to meet temperature requirements. These may also be thermostatic so that the water temperature can be kept constant even when the water flow fluctuates. A minimum pressure may be required so check your supply first. Models are available for either flush or surface mounting and controls for flow and temperature may be separate or combined.

Steam Cabins and Wet Rooms

Bathrooms and Showers Steam Cabins and Wet Rooms

Steam cabinets and wet rooms including kits doors panels and trays. Wet rooms require the entire floor area to be waterproof (acting like a giant shower tray) Kits and installation packs make this easier and can usually be purchased for a specific size. Whilst the floor area is watertight, it is often preferred to minimise the over spray from a shower by mounting a glass splash panel. Hinged versions are available for use where a fixed panel would restrict the space. Steam and shower cabins usually have multiple outlets mounted in the side panels offering a luxurious "spa" like experience.


Bathrooms and Showers Suites

Traditional and contemporary designer bathroom suites including bath basin and wc or toilet . Complete bathroom suites offer a simpler way of coordinating all the sanitary ware in a bathroom. A wide range of styles include both contemporary and traditional. Buying as a set often proves far cheaper than purchasing the individual items and many stores offer special deals on popular suites.


Bathrooms and Showers Taps

Traditional and designer bath and basin mixer taps and fillers with ceramic cartridge. The choice with taps is almost limitless and choosing a style can be time consuming. Beyond style there is a choice between traditional washer types and those with ceramic discs which are much harder wearing. For baths and basins you can have either individual taps or mono bloc. Obviously with existing sanitary ware you'll need to select according to the tap hole arrangement. From brass to chrome and traditional to contemporary there are taps top suit the style of any bathroom or shower room


Bathrooms and Showers Toilets

Concealed compact and back to wall or close coupled wc or toilet. Dual flush and push button. Toilets come in a fantastic range of styles from traditional through to contemporary. Older style high level cisterns have been replaced for the most part by the close coupled pan, although retro high level ones are still available. Modern back to wall wc's result in the cistern being completely hidden and give more of a minimalist look to complement the sleek and linear style now in vogue.

Towel rails

Bathrooms and Showers Towel rails

Heated towel radiators and designer electric towel rails and racks. Bath and hand towels tend to remain damp - particularly in bathrooms with minimal ventilation. Adding either an electric or a heated towel rail plumbed to the central heating system will overcome this. The range has developed substantially in recent years and eye catching models abound. Rather than being solely functional, towel rails can make a statement and be used as something of a feature enhancing the style of any bathroom or shower room.

Whirlpools and Spas

Bathrooms and Showers Whirlpools and Spas

Home whirlpool and spas with multiple and directional jets. These provide a far more relaxing bathing experience than a simple bath and have become very popular. There is an essential difference between the two and this sometimes causes confusion. A spa adds air to the water as it flows into the bath and this generates a mass of bubbles which soothe the body. Whirlpools work in a similar fashion but without adding air. The flow of water massages muscles adding to the benefits.