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Cleaning Brushes

Brooms brushes sweepers and yard brooms. Stiff bristled or soft brushes for a range of sweeping and cleaning jobs. Long handles are suited to large floor and ground areas. Short handled brushes are used for smaller areas. Many brushes have specific applications such as a stiff masonry brush used for cleaning wall areas to remove dry dirt in preparation for painting.

Chemicals and Detergents

Cleaning Chemicals and Detergents

Cleaning chemicals detergents and degreasers plus anti bacterial cleanser. Cleaning products for a range of different surfaces. Removing grease and other contaminants is particularly important when preparing surfaces for decorating - sugar soap is the most suitable for this. Cleaning chemicals are often designed for very specific purposes such as drain cleaning - others are suitable for more general use and may be less caustic. Check suitability and use instructions first.


Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre woven and towel cloths for surface cleaning. Cleaning cloths may be made of a variety of different materials depending on their use. Microfibre cloths are generally polyesters with very fine fibres designed to give a soft surface with high absorption as well as being durable. Lint free cloths are particularly useful for polishing work where small fibres being shed would mar the results - they are also perfect for certain decorative paint finishes where loose fibres would stick in the paint. Paper cleaning cloths are ideal for general purpose cleaning and drying of surfaces or dealing with spillages.


Cleaning Floorcare

Floor care and cleaning products including mops buckets sprays and scrapers. Various specialist products are aimed at cleaning many different types of floor - from hard floors like laminate and tiles to soft finishes like carpet. Mops for general or specific surfaces can be found featuring sponge, microfibre and traditional heads - plus a range of buckets with built in mop wringers.

Pest Control

Cleaning Pest Control

Pest control products for mice rats vermin ants and insects. Insect and ant control powders have various active ingredients and must be handled safely. There are a number of products to deal with specific insect infestation as well as more general products like fly killers and flt strips to reduce nuisance. For mice and rats, various traps can be purchased as well as baits enabling you to deal with this problem effectively

Specialist Cleaners

Cleaning Specialist Cleaners

Anti mould, graffiti remover solvents and specialist cleaners. Specialist cleaning products are available for removing grease, oil, adhesives, silicone, lubricants, wax, tar and many more specific contaminants. There are even products designed for removing or cleaning away graffiti from brick and stone. Always ensure that the product is suitable for the surface you are working on otherwise damage may occur during the cleaning process.

Spillage Control

Cleaning Spillage Control

Absorbent products designed to clear up spills and contain and control spillage. Highly absorbent materials are produced specifically to absorb many types of spillage including oil, grease and other liquids. Fast action will minimise the spread and therefore potential damage from spillages. Highly effective spillage control mediums should leave no residue behind and can avoid potentially costly damage.

Washroom and Skincare

Cleaning Washroom and Skincare

Wash room cleaner and handwash plus skin care products for the work place. Products and dispensers for hand cleaning are designed to improve removal of contaminants. Some hand cleaners contain scrubbing agents and all are intended to improve hygiene standards in the work place.

Waste Disposal

Cleaning Waste Disposal

Waste disposal and recycling products. Providing suitable waste disposal containers improves site safety. There are a number of specific purpose containers including those for safely extinguishing and disposing of cigarette ends. There are also containers for separating and collection of waste for recycling.


Cleaning Window

Window cleaning wash brushes hip buckets scrubbers and squeegees for cleaning and maintaining glass and glazing. This section includes professional window cleaning sprays and chemicals to leave glass and mirrored surfaces clean and streak free. Professional tools including window scrubber made from microfibre as well as extendable poles for reaching higher windows. Good quality squeegees will have quick change blade mechanisms as well as durable and comfortable handles and extensions.