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Bathroom Downlights

Lighting Bathroom Downlights

Bathroom downlights are recessed light fittings mounted in the ceiling and, for low voltage, connected via a transformer. The lighting from down lighters provides a great look to any bathroom. The lights are usually set out to a grid pattern although positioning lights to suit the various elements of the bathroom can improve the look

Bathroom Wall and Ceiling

Lighting Bathroom Wall and Ceiling

A range of lights and fittings specially designed for use in bathrooms where moisture and steam are likely to be present. Some bathroom lights controlled form outside of the room may be dimmable allowing the light levels to be changed to suit. The range includes flush ceiling light fittings as well as wall lights.


Lighting Bulkheads

Bulkhead lights are designed to provide outdoor lighting and are usually mounted on the wall of a property. They may also be found in communal areas mounted on the ceiling. These units are designed to resist moisture and are covered. They come in a range of styles from utility to contemporary.


Lighting Commercial

Commercial light fittings are designed specifically for use in industrial and commercial properties. They are also used in communal areas in residential properties and are available in a wide range of styles including contemporary metal and glass fittings.


Lighting Display

Display lighting includes lights and fittings for highlighting specific areas. By providing direct lighting, features and objects can be illuminated to make them stand out from the surrounding areas.


Lighting Downlights

Downlights are recessed into a ceiling resulting in the light being flush with the surface. This gives and attractive look to the lighting system. The illumination provided by downlights can provide an wide pool of light as well as focus to certain parts of a room. The surrounds can be very plain, designed to blend in with the ceiling or, styled with brass or chrome surrounds.

Energy Saving Lamps

Lighting Energy Saving Lamps

These are usually compact fluorescent lamps and use less energy than traditional incandescent lamps. They are able to produce the same overall level of lighting as standard lamps but, many people find the light colour to be less than satisfactory. With many low energy lamps, they take time to warm up and reach full illumination.

Fire Rated Lighting

Lighting Fire Rated Lighting

A range of light fittings designed to meet building requirements in terms of fire regulations. They may have covers and protective elements to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke. Many fire rated downlights include a smoke hood mounted over the fitting. In lofts and ceiling voids, the potential spread of fire can be delayed.

Floodlights and PIRs

Lighting Floodlights and PIRs

These lights are designed to provide outdoor lighting and are commonly controlled by PIR devices which detect movement in the vicinity. This allows the floodlights to come on only when needed and to provide a measure of security. Floodlights generally provide a large amount of illumination over a wide area.

Fluorescent Tubes

Lighting Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes are commonly used in offices and shops. Although they are used in residential properties, this is usually limited to utility area and garages. The lamps use less energy than standard incandescent lamps but the light given off is generally not considered pleasing. The units are frequently fitted with diffusers.

Halogen Lamps

Lighting Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are commonly used in low voltage downlighters. They produce a sharp clean light. They can reduce utility bills as they produce much more light than a standard lamp with the same wattage. They are known to last longer and have become very popular for domestic lighting.

HID Lamps

Lighting HID Lamps

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge and these lamps generate light by arcing between tungsten electrodes. The gas inside the lamp facilitates the increased light level produced and, compared to standard lamps, they give off a greater amount of light for the same wattage.

Incandescent Lamps

Lighting Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamps are what we would all consider to be regular light bulbs. As an electrical current passes through, the filament is heated and lights up. There energy consumption is higher than equivalent low energy lamps and the light output is relatively poor compared to other lamps available.

Inspection Lights

Lighting Inspection Lights

Inspection lamps are commonly used as work lamps when carrying out work in poorly lit areas such as attics and under floors. They are often mounted inside a protective cage reducing the chance of damage. Their portability enables them to be set up and used easily as and when required.


Lighting Kitchen

A range of lighting specifically designed for kitchens is available. These include energy efficient cabinet lights as well as low voltage energy efficient cabinet lights and pelmet light fittings. Lighting has formed more of a design element in kitchens and includes specialist light kits such as plinth lighting.


Lighting LED

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is becoming more commonplace in domestic settings. LED lamps last well and produce a pleasing light. LED lights produce much less heat than incandescent lamps and are more energy efficient. Advanced LED fittings can produce changeable light colour allowing for mood lighting.

Low Voltage

Lighting Low Voltage

Low voltage lights are connected via a transformer which changes the voltage to the lower required level. Low voltage lights are typically downlights mounted in a grid pattern in ceilings which have become very popular. The low voltage makes them safer and they are also used in outdoor / garden lighting designs.


Lighting Outdoor

Lights designed for use outdoors will have to be weather resistant so that moisture cannot get into the fitting. There is a huge range of outdoor lights available including practical fittings where a basic utility light is required as well as designs to suit both period properties and contemporary styles.

Reflector Lamps

Lighting Reflector Lamps

This is a type of incandescent lamp where the inner surface of part of the lamp is coated with a reflective material. This helps to distribute all of the available light in a particular direction. Commonly used in spotlights where all the available light needs to be directed to illuminate a small or specific area.

Site Lights

Lighting Site Lights

Site lights are lamps mounted on tripods for illuminating a work area whilst construction or building work is being carried out. On a new build or renovation these are frequently used to provide lighting for various trades before the main lighting of the property has been installed. The lights are portable allowing them to be set up where needed and give out a broad light.


Lighting Torches

Torches are hand held light units powered by batteries. This makes them completely portable and not dependent on a power supply. The vast range of torches available suits all manner of application from inspection work to personal security. Many are powered by rechargeable batteries.

Track and Spotlights

Lighting Track and Spotlights

A range of track lights and spotlights is available. Frequently used as part of a design statement these lights can be stylish and contemporary. Individual light fittings are mounted on a track and can be directed as required. They are often used to highlight certain areas or features in a room.


Lighting Transformers

Transformers are used to change the voltage of the mains supply to a suitable level for low voltage applications such as low voltage downlights. The transformer is usually mounted out of site - for example in a ceiling void. It is important that the output of the transformer is correctly matched with the requirements of the lighting set up.

Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Lighting Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Tungsten halogen lights produce a sharp clean light. They tend to last longer than standard lamps and use less energy than their equivalent wattage incandescent lamp. They are commonly fitted in outdoor floodlights used as security light and operated via a PIR when movement is detected.


Lighting Uplights

Uplights are used to produce a very different lighting effect to that of ordinary pendant lights. The fitting mounted on the wall is closed at the bottom and open at the top so that all light is emitted upwards. The result is that the ceiling is lit and this produces a softer overall lighting effect. They are commonly made of material designed to be painted to match the wall.


Lighting Utility

Utility lights are usually simple fittings which are used where the practicality of the light is more important than the style or design. Typically these lights will be used for work areas such as utility rooms and garages but may also be a simple inexpensive answer for the provision of light in an attic space.

Wall and Ceiling

Lighting Wall and Ceiling

This section includes all wall and ceiling light fittings. They range from standard pendant type fittings to stylish designed lights. The range of fittings is very varied from the ornate to the sleek and contemporary. There are wall and ceiling lights to suit every budget and style imaginable.