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Motor Accessories


Motor Accessories Accessories

Range of accessories for cars and vans including sat nav systems, cigarette lighter powered equipment such as tyre inflators and inspection lamps as well as tow ropes, emergency triangles, beacons and ice scrapers. Accessories range from budget practical items through to more expensive equipment for vehicles.

Battery Chargers and Leads

Motor Accessories Battery Chargers and Leads

Battery chargers are used to replenish a flat battery. The unit is powered by the mains and is connected to the battery by leads which clip to the battery terminals. Many provide stage charging to produce a rapid charge without the risk of overheating or overcharging the battery. Units may also be used to trickle charge flat batteries.

Body Care

Motor Accessories Body Care

A range of products available to look after vehicle exteriors. These include paint cleaners designed to remove stubborn contaminants, polishes designed to clean the paint, and wax which is used to build a deep shine. Other products include trim coatings for black plastics and interior trim treatments.

Body Repair

Motor Accessories Body Repair

Vehicle body repair products range form touch up paints for dealing with stone chips and minor marks right through to fibreglass repair kits including matting and fillers to repair more substantial damage. There are also rust treatments available which can be used to pre treat areas before re painting.

Fuel Pumps

Motor Accessories Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are manual bulb pumps used to move fuel from one container to another safely. By squeezing and releasing the rubber bulb mounted along the ose, fuel is drawn from one side and pumped to the other.


Motor Accessories Jacks

At the base of the range is a simple scissor jack similar to that used when changing a wheel on a vehicle. More substantial jacks include bottle jacks and trolley jacks. These both use a levered pump action to lift the vehicle making them easier and quicker to use. Axle stands may be used to firmly support the vehicle once it has been lifted.


Motor Accessories Lubricants

Lubricants include engine oils which are categorised according to suitable operating temperatures and engine types. Some oils are designed to improve efficiency and economy. Other lubricants include anti seize greases, penetrating oils and high performance oils.


Motor Accessories Machinery

Lifting and moving equipment for working on vehicles. Block and tackle lifting chains as well as electric winches may be bought. Other machinery includes heavy duty pullers where the ratchet action allows vehicles to be pulled, and wheeled dollies for moving components.

Mechanics Tools

Motor Accessories Mechanics Tools

Mechanics tools include various specialist equipment - brake tools for bleeding brakes, compression tools for working on coiled springs, bearing and gear tools and equipment, ignition tools, oil filter tools and draining equipment, and vehicle servicing tools.

Roof Racks and Trailers

Motor Accessories Roof Racks and Trailers

Roof racks and bars can be mounted on a vehicle allowing larger loads to be carried on top of the vehicle. Various fitting types are available to suit most vans and cars. Secure systems to fix loads should always be used and the weight limited to suit the manufacturers guidelines. Trailers allow additional loads to be towed behind the vehicle.

Sockets and Hex Keys

Motor Accessories Sockets and Hex Keys

Mechanics sockets and hex keys for working on vehicles usually come in sets. There's a wide range varying from budget to high quality professional tools. Socket sets often include ratchet bars and specialist sockets such as those designed for removing spark plugs. The pressure exerted on a socket can be increased by the use of a power bar.

Spanners and Wrenches

Motor Accessories Spanners and Wrenches

Mechanics spanners and wrenches for all manner of vehicle work. Combination spanners and ratchet wrenches are usually bought in sets ensuring that you have all the sizes you might need. As with many tools, the price is directly related to quality and durability.

Vehicle Security

Motor Accessories Vehicle Security

Vehicle security products designed to guard against theft include vehicle clamps and van locks and padlocks. Caravan and trailer locks are also available protecting these from being stolen. Specialist chains and padlocks for securing motorbikes often use boron alloy which is very reliant. Parking spaces can be secured with drop down posts to prevent unauthorised parking.