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Power Tools

Air Tools

Power tools Air Tools

Air tools or pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air. They are often cheaper than electric power tools and are often considered safer as the risk of electric cables becoming damaged is eliminated. A range of readily available air tools includes drills sanders and wrenches. A compressor will obviously also be required to power these tools

Angled Drills

Power tools Angled Drills

Angle power drills are becoming more commonplace. They are indispensable when having to work in tight awkward areas where a standard drill wouldn't fit. Similar in other aspects, they can be used for drilling most materials with the correct drill bit mounted in the chuck.

Batteries Chargers and Radios

Power tools Batteries Chargers and Radios

Batteries for powering all manner of small items are available. The battery size and voltage will depend on the equipment and many items can make use of rechargeable batteries. Chargers for these are readily available and despite the initial additional expense, this reduces costs in the long term.

Benchtop and Woodworking

Power tools Benchtop and Woodworking

Bench top tools refers to woodworking equipment that is normally mounted on a worktop rather than being hand held. Typical items in this category include bandsaws, planers and thicknessers as well as wheel grinders, sanders, mortice cutters and bench mounted drills. There are also combination machines available including several different functions.


Power tools Blowers

Petrol and electric blowers are ideal for clearing leaves from the garden. A powered motor pulls ait in and blasts it out via a shaped nozzle. This nozzle usually has a flattened end which increases the pressure and allows for directional control. Some machines have a reversible function allowing them to be used with a collecting bag.

Brushcutters and Trimmers

Power tools Brushcutters and Trimmers

Petrol and electric machines for cutting lawn edges and light undergrowth are available in a range of powers. Small electric strimmers are commonly used in small gardens whereas the more powerful cutters are mostly seen on larger estates and parks. Appropriate safety gear should always be worn as small stones etc can easily fly up.


Power tools Chainsaws

Powerful petrol driven chainsaws are used to carry out all manner of tree work from cutting to felling. Smaller electric models are easy to use and ideal for small garden jobs such as cutting and pruning trees. The plug and go advantage of electric chainsaws makes them a popular choice. Petrol driven chainsaws are more commonly used by landscapers.

Circular Saws

Power tools Circular Saws

The motor of a circular saw spins a circular blade at high speed so that the teeth on its edge gradually cut the wood. The power of the motor will be reflected in the price and the overall blade size will dictate the possible thickness of wood that can be cut. Circular saws are available as corded or cordless models which allow for greater flexibility

Combi Sets

Power tools Combi Sets

A range of kits or combi sets of power tools is available. If multiple tools are required, this is generally a cheaper way of buying them. Common sets include drill and driver together with a circular saw or jigsaw. The nature and scope of projects you wish to do will determine the best value combi set to buy. Cordless sets include multiple battery packs too.

Compound Mitre Saws

Power tools Compound Mitre Saws

Mitre saws and chop saws are circular saws mounted above a base plate on which timber sections can be placed for cutting. The compound mitre saw allows all sorts of angle to be cut and, as the name suggest, can be angled and tilted at the same time. The blade is pulled down into the wood to make the cut.


Power tools Compressors

Compressors are used to power a variety of air or pneumatic tools using compressed air. Typical tools might include paint sprayers and drills or wrenches. The latter are commonly used by mechanics. ranging from portable to fixed, the power of these machines varies. The basic principal is that they compress and store air which can be released at high pressure to drive the appliance

Construction Equipment

Power tools Construction Equipment

Construction equipment is a catch all term for the larger power tools used in building and construction. These include breakers for taking up concrete, concrete mixers and plaster mixers, as well as stone cutters used for cutting paving slabs and electric chasers for cutting walls for cable and pipe runs.

Corded Drills

Power tools Corded Drills

Corded version of a power drill which relies on being near a mains socket outlet or used with an extension lead. The power of an electric drill will determine the diameter of hole that can be cut together with an appropriate sized drill bit mounted in the chuck. There are various different chucks available including quick release.

Corded Screwdrivers

Power tools Corded Screwdrivers

Similarly to the corded drill, these rely on a nearby socket or extension to be available. They often have finer control over speed allowing them to be used without the driver head jumping or damaging the screw head. These make for rapid progress on jobs such as fixing plasterboard to timber studs with screws.

Cordless Drills

Power tools Cordless Drills

Cordless version of a power drill which makes them very portable and non reliant upon a nearby socket outlet for the power supply. Higher voltage batterries equate to greater power which makes a big difference when drilling brick and block work. Modern models have a keyless chuck for quick drill bit changing. Two batteries will allow work to continue when one is flat.

Cordless Screwdrivers

Power tools Cordless Screwdrivers

Cordless version of a power screwdriver which makes them very portable and non reliant upon a nearby socket outlet for the power supply. Two batteries - one in use and one on charge means that work can continue uninterrupted. High portability makes them ideal when working from ladders, platforms or overhead.


Power tools Generators

Generators are available in different sizes and power outputs and will depend on your requirements. Usually petrol fuelled, the generator should have a reasonably long running time available and can output a regulated voltage for running all manner of equipment. They are usually started by means of a recoil starter cord and should include safety features such as overload circuit breakers.

Glue Guns

Power tools Glue Guns

Glue guns are electrically operated with a small heating element inside. Solid sticks of glue a placed in the gun and, using a trigger, these are pushed in against the element and the melted glue is distributed from the nozzle. Glue guns make gluing in DIY projects quick and easy.


Power tools Grinders

Angle grinders are electric powered hand tools on which a solid thin cutting disc can be mounted. This is revolved at high speed allowing the disc to cut various materials. Discs are available specifically for cutting stone or metal. The edge of a disc can also be used as a grinder to smooth or shape stone.

Heat Guns

Power tools Heat Guns

Heat guns or hot air guns are used to melt paint so that it may be more easily stripped from surfaces. These machines must be used with care. As the heat begins to melt the paint, a scraper or shave hook can be used to remove the paint cleanly from the surface. They are a preferred tool for many rather than using a naked flame from a blow torch.

Hedge Trimmers

Power tools Hedge Trimmers

Both petrol and electric powered hedge trimmers are available. Electric hedge trimmers are also available as a cordless tool which makes the easier to use as long trailing extension leads are not required. Corldess models are also considered safer. One toothed blade slides back and forth over a static blade and this gives the cutting action.


Power tools Jigsaws

Available as a corded or cordless version, jigsaws are very adaptable saws. The vertically mounted thin blade is driven up and down by the motor to cause the cutting action. The blade is toothed along its leading edge and the shape and spacing of these teeth, as with other saws, determines the quality and speed of cut. Blades are available for cutting a variety of materials.


Power tools Landscaping

A range of power tools for use in landscaping work. These include rakers and scarifiers for lawns as well as mechanical log splitters and rotavators and tillers for turning soil. Landscaping tools may be petrol or electrically powered but petrol models are often preferred as there is no need for trailing power leads.


Power tools Lawnmowers

Lawnmowers for smaller gardens are often electric and the inherent danger of cables near cutting machines must be taken into account. Petrol machines offer greater flexibility. The size of lawn will determine the most suitably sized machine and its width of cut. Wider cutting beds require more power and these are therefore more expensive.

Nailers and Staplers

Power tools Nailers and Staplers

Power nailers and staplers can make light work of large jobs. The tool drives the staple or nail into the surface of the wood in one shot saving a huge amount of time. These machines can be very dangerous and should be treated with respect. The nails and staples are specially produced for use with these machines and come in strips ready to be loaded.

Power Saws

Power tools Power Saws

Power saws is a term generally given to saws which are technically known as reciprocating saws. The reciprocating action is a pushing and pulling of the blade which is driven by the motor and this causes the cutting action. In some ways this most closely resembles the action of a hand saw.

Routers Planers and Jointers

Power tools Routers Planers and Jointers

Power planers have a rotating cylinder mounted within the unit onto which flat blades are fixed. The position of the cylinder in relation to the base plate can be adjusted so that the blades are exposed to the wood surface. This allows fine adjustment of the amount of wood to be planed with each passing of the machine.

Sanders and Multi Tools

Power tools Sanders and Multi Tools

Power sanders are available in several different formats. Commonly, these will include orbital and belt sanders. The base of the orbital sander oscillates causing a sanding action with the abrasive paper mounted on it. Belt sanders, as the name implies, have a belt of sandpaper which travels continuously over the rollers at either end of the machine.

SDS Corded Drills

Power tools SDS Corded Drills

Corded version of the SDS power drill which provides an improved action over the standard hammer drill. The blows delivered by the SDS drill are more powerful and specific SDS drill bits are required for use in these machines. The improved cutting action of these is most noticeable in hard materials such as concrete

SDS Cordless Drills

Power tools SDS Cordless Drills

Cordless version of the SDS power drill which is far more powerful than the hammer action drill. They are quicker at cutting hard materials such as concrete. The cordless version offers greater freedom as they are not constrained by the need for a nearby socket outlet


Power tools Shredders

Shredders can make light work of garden clearance. Small branches and twigs can be quickly and efficiently cut up into chippings making them easier to dispose of. A variety of models with differing power are available. The heavier duty and more powerful machines will be more expensive but will shred larger diameter twigs and branches.

Spray Equipment

Power tools Spray Equipment

Power spraying of paints and wood preservatives makes work very much quicker. With a little practice, high quality uniform work can be achieved. Overspray can be a problem so spray painting may not always be suitable. Prices range substantially depending on the quality and finesse of the sprayer.

Stone Cutters

Power tools Stone Cutters

Stone cutters are powerful machines used for cutting items such as paving slabs, concrete, brick and stone work, The heavy duty blade is mounted in a similar fashion to an angle grinder. The diamond blade which is very hard, is driven round at high speed by the motor and, as the blade is lowered against the work, this causes the cutting action

Tile Saws

Power tools Tile Saws

Tile saws or wet saws as they are also called, have a diamond blade mounted in a saw bench. The blade is kept cool as it turns by means of a water tray below. The diamond blade is very hard and this action against the surface of ceramic tiles allows them to cut smoothly and accurately. They are particularly useful when cutting thicker tiles

Wallpaper Strippers

Power tools Wallpaper Strippers

Wallpaper strippers and steamers can make light work of removing even stubborn wallpaper. A tank of water is heated inside the unit to produce steam which is then delivered to the wall via a hose to a flat plate. The surface may need to be scored first to allow the steam from the machine to penetrate and soften the adhesive.

Water Pumps

Power tools Water Pumps

Submersible pumps can be used to clear water quickly and efficiently from an area. Depending on the type, they may also be used to clear dirty water containing particles up to a given size. Safety mechanisms will include an RCD. Operation can be via a float switch which can turn the pump on and off according to water levels


Power tools Welding

Welding tools and equipment include arc welding machines. Electricity is used to generate an electric arc to weld two metal surfaces. On MIG welders, for example, narrow diameter electrode wire is continuously fed to the arc from a coil on the machine. This allows fast and tidy welding of joints