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Getting Rid of Those Pesky Mice

Mouse TrapShort of shooting them or burning down your house, mice can be one of the most annoying and irritable entities to ever set foot in your home.

They nibble at furniture, leave droppings all over the floor and unknown to the naked eye, they constantly urinate.

Here are a few tips and tricks for how you can deal mice in your home yourself.

How do you know if you have a mouse infestation?

Checking for a mouse infestation is very important, especially if you have children in your household as mice are very dirty creatures which transmit diseases from one place to another with the greatest of ease.

In a sense, we are lucky that a mice infestation is quite easy to spot, as long as you look in the right places.

It is a little known fact that mice defecate at least eighty times a day, so the droppings from only one mouse can be spotted quite easily. Their urine is harder to spot though if you have a UV blacklight at hand, their urine will show up as trails along the floor and countertops.

Along with this, check for gnawing. More recent gnaw marks will be light in colour and will darken as they get older, this is a good way of checking as to whether you infestation is still active.

Places to look for gnawing will be on furniture, especially soft items as the mice will use things like cotton for their nests.

Check in places that are dark and warm as these are the perfect places that the mice will want to hide.

Also, odours, tracks, nesting and even dead mice will indicate that you have a problem.

So you have an infestation. What to do now?

Although there are professionals who can deal with the problem carefully and swiftly such as those from Every Home you can try and tackle the plague yourself.

Firstly, try and locate where they are getting in. Once that you have tracked them down (they often get in through holes made for pipes), you can attempt to deter them with steel wool.

Mice hate steel wool, so before you seal the entrance(s) up, throw in some steel wool to deter them.

Once you have located their entry, check your home to see where they have been travelling to. They can make nests anywhere so it is important to make sure that you locate any place in which they could be hiding.

If the nest is close to a place you suspect, lay a thin layer of flour overnight to check for foot prints; they always stay close to the nest, even in the search of food.

On a side note, it is important to seal all food sources in your home.

Once that you have located a nest, you have to think about taking it out.

Many people like to ensure that their traps do not cause any unnecessary suffering to the animals so you can actually buy traps that do not kill the animals.

You can also buy snap traps, along with poison which MUST be kept out of the way of children. Make sure to also wash your hands after being in contact with the poison.

Glue traps are one set of traps which are not advised. Not only are they cruel, but they easily spread disease.

Check your traps often and dispose of dead mice using plastic or rubber gloves. Place the dead mouse in a plastic bag and seal it before placing it in the outside rubbish bin.

If the problem still persists, call in the professionals.

Author: Every Home

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