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Cupboard handles and catches

Choose handles and catches that match the other metalwork on your project for a neat finish.


Once the doors are able to hinge open, you will need to buy bolts or catches to keep the doors firmly closed.

Magnetic catches

A type of fixing that's fine for smaller cabinets which only need a small amount of pressure to keep them shut.

Ball catches

These give slightly more grip and can be used for fitted wardrobes or larger cabinets. Check the catches have a small screw adjustment to vary the strength of the catch action.


For a door that closes onto another door, with no frame to attach a catch, you can use a sliding bolt or latch that slides into the top and bottom frame of the cabinet.


There is a vast array of handles on the market, made from iron, glass, steel, brass, wood and modern materials. Buy the best you can afford as they are often the only part of a cabinet or door that you touch.

Single drop handles may be fixed with a single through bolt. Stronger drawer and cabinet handles have a double fixing.

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