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Radiator - removing

How to remove a radiator from a central heating system, showing how to drain the water and disconnect the pipes and valves.

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Radiator Valve – Changing or Fitting New Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Guide to fitting new radiator valves or replacing manual with thermostatic radiator valves explaining step by step how to remove the old valve and correctly fit the new valve.

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Guide to radiator types and choices - fan assisted and low level skirting heaters. Including a room temperature guide to help with choosing the right size of radiator.

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Room Thermostat – Replace a Room Stat

Digital room thermostats offer improved control and energy savings compared to old mechanical room stats. Step by step instructions showing how to replace a mechanical thermostat with a digital programmable room thermostat.

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Top 10 Central Heating Tips

Our top ten central heating tips aim to help you stay safe as well as keep your system working efficiently. There’s also advice on reducing heating costs and therefore fuel bills.

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Types of Heating System

Understanding the different types of central heating system will help to identify the system in your house. This guide explains the differences – gravity heating systems, semi gravity systems, one pipe and two pipe systems as well as fully pumped central heating systems.

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