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Colour Codes for Wiring

Cable colours

Cable colour codes for wiring in the UK changed in April 2006. They are now the same colours as those used in flex which was last changed back in the 60s


Old colour New colour
Live Red Brown
Neutral Black Blue
Earth Bare wire Bare wire


Earth sleeve

When cable is stripped for conecting to an accessory, the bare earth conductor should be covered with green and yellow PVC sleeving

Three core and earth

In three core & earth cable there is an additional core. The old colours for this cable, commonly used for two way lighting, were red, yellow, and blue. The new colours are brown, black, and grey.
In three core & earth any or all of the cores may be live. The colours are used for identification only.

Electics Safety warning

box alertThis material is for information purposes only. Strict rules govern what electrical work can be done without notification and inspection.
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