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Connecting a Pendant Light Fitting

Removing the old pendant

1. Switch off the power at the consumer unit for the circuit concerned. If you have removable fuses at your consumer unit, switch off the power at the consumer unit and remove the fuse for this circuit.

Unscrewing the ceiling rose cover

2. Unscrew the cover of the ceiling rose carefully.

Ceiling rose cover removed to reveal wiring

3. There may be a considerable number of wires which can be confusing. However, in this project, we are only concerned with the flex connections. All other conductors will remain as they are.

Releasing the flex conductors

4. Identify the brown (live) and blue (neutral) conductors of the flex which are held in the outermost terminals. Release them from the retaining lugs, unscrew the terminals and remove the conductors.

5. If the flex has an earth conductor, slacken the earth terminal and remove only the earth of the flex. 

Connecting the new pendant

Preparing the conductors

6. Feed the flex of the new pendant light through the cover of the rose and then strip and prepare the conductors.

Connecting the live conductor

7. Insert the brown conductor into the live flex terminal and secure.

Connecting the neutral conductor

8. Insert the blue conductor into the neutral flex terminal and secure.

9. For earthed pendants, insert the green and yellow conductor of the flex in the common earth terminal alongside the other earths and secure. Ensure that all are fully housed with no exposed conductor showing.

Securing conductors in retaining lugs

10. Ensure that the flex conductors are securely held in the retaining lugs.

Replacing the ceiling rose cover

11. Double check all connections and replace the cover of the ceiling rose.

12. Once you are sure that all work has been completed correctly, switch the power back on at the consumer unit. In the case of removable fuses, replace the fuse for the circuit, and switch the power back on.

Electics Safety warning

box alertThis material is for information purposes only. Strict rules govern what electrical work can be done without notification and inspection.
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