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Assembling and Fitting Kitchen Drawers

Your Drawer assembly pack will contain the following:

  • 2 sides
  • 1 back
  • 1 base
  • 1 drawer front
  • fittings and runners

Assemble the drawer according to the instructions. For the most part the metal frame will clip together at the rear of the drawer. The base is then fitted to the frame via 2 or sometimes 4 screws to keep it all in place.

The drawer runners will be marked left and right. Fit the runners to the cabinet following the instructions. Generally the cabinet will have pre drilled holes for the runners to fit into. It is important that the left and right are in the correct positions.

The drawer front is attached by a fitting or clip on the inside of the front of the drawer frame.

Fitting the Drawers

Place the drawer on it's runners and push into the cabinet. They may click as they engage. The runner may require a further screw in the side to fully attach to the drawer. Take care to screw this in completely or it may get in the way of the drawer closing.

Once pushed in completely the drawer should be flush with the top rail of the cabinet, or slightly below. This can be adjusted by repositioning the drawer front as necessary or there may be adjustment screws to the side of the front. One screw will adjust it up and down and the other, left and right.

To remove a drawer from it's housing, simply find the clip on the underside of the drawer and push towards the middle.