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Cleaning Paint Rollers and Trays

How to clean a roller sleeve and roller tray by removing the excess paint and washing them in clean cold water so that they stay in good condition and can be reused

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Cleaning paintbrushes

How to wash and rinse a paint brush thoroughly to remove all gloss, satin, undercoat or emulsion and how to maintain brushes in good condition.

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Cleaning up after painting

Guide to cleaning up after painting and decorating a room, with information on how to removing masking tape and clean the windows.

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Clearing and covering for decorating

Guide to preparing a room ready to paint and decorate. With advice on removing furniture, protecting the carpet and laying dust sheets.

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Danish Oil - protecting wood surfaces

The secret of Danish oil is that the oils and resins soak into wood giving excellent protection of the surface and it doesn't craze or chip.

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How to identify distemper and other chalky or dusty surfaces which need sealing with stabilising solution before painting and decorating.

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Dusting down before painting

How to get rid of dust before painting so that the best results are achieved and there are no bits in the paint work.

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Filling holes and cracks in walls and ceilings 1

Complete guide to filling holes and cracks in walls and ceilings using plaster filler or polyfilla. Mixing the filler and using a filling knife then sanding when dry to produce smooth results.

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Filling holes and cracks in walls and ceilings 2

Guide to repairing plasterboard, filling small and large holes with plasterboard and filler ready for painting and decorating.

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Filling wood before painting

How to fill wood work ready for painting and decorating. Filling with filler or polyfilla and sanding for a smooth surface before re painting.

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How to use Decorators Caulk

How to use decorators caulk to fill gaps around edges and cracks in corners. The caulk is mounted in a caulking gun allowing and even bead to be delivered. Caulk is flexible, dries quickly, and can be over painted in an hour

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Knots and knotting

How to treat knots with knotting to prevent them bleeding or showing through paint with brown stains.

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