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Basin - choosing types

Basin considerations

When selecting a new basin, give consideration to the spacial requirements as well as the plumbing. Try standing in front of the proposed position.

You can cut a piece of cardboard roughly to size and hold it in front of you. Is there enough room for you to wash? Is there enough room for the door to open and close without having to do a jig to get in or out of the room?

Types of basin

pedestal basinwall hung basin

The type of basin you choose will depend on personal preference, but also needs to be functional as well. There are a huge number of styles available:

Pedestal, Wall hung, Recessed, Corner.

Basin taps and waste

inset basinYou will also have a decision to make on the style and type of taps to buy.

Be sure to buy those which work with the basin. For example, some basins have two holes for individual hot and cold taps. Others have a single hole for a mixer tap.

The waste for the basin is usually supplied as part of the kit.

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