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Electrics safety 1

This material is " for information purposes " only. Strict rules govern what electrical work can be done without notification and inspection. Read more ...

If you are not absolutely certain about any aspect of electrical work, seek professional advice.


In older houses, you may find a variety of old fuse boxes where the mains supply comes in. You may also have wiring and fittings of an older style. These may not be up to the standard required today. If this is the case, have it all checked and tested by a professional electrician BEFORE carrying out any work on it. Some old installations may now be dangerous.

Electricity has a lethal potential and should always be treated with care. Safety must always be given top priority. Follow these few simple rules.

Always follow all the Electrical regulations

remove the fuse switch off

Switch off the power and remove the fuse for the relevant circuit before carrying out any work, or inspecting, either it, or the appliances connected to it. Never inspect, or carry out work on, any part of the system with the power on. Make sure that power cannot be inadvertantly restored by someone else.

Use a voltage tester to check the power to the wires or connections are off before touching them.
Check your work thoroughly before restoring power to the circuit. If you are not certain, seek professional advice.

Remember the golden rule ... " If you don’t know – ask".

Always unplug an appliance before working on it.

Always use the correct fuse for the circuit or appliance. Fitting a fuse of incorrect rating is dangerous.

unplug appliance rubber soled shoe

As an additional precaution, wear rubber soled shoes. This will provide a measure of insulation between you and the ground!

Electrics safety 2

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