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Cutting ceramic tiles 1

Measuring and marking the tiles

When cutting tiles, wear safety glasses as the ceramic surface can produce sharp splinters.

measuring edge tileThe tiles around the edge of the main area will need to be cut, as will tiles to fit the contours of other items like washbasins and pipes.

There are several ways of cutting tiles.

When measuring tiles to be cut, remember to allow for the grout line between it and the next tile.

Where walls are reasonably square, a quick way of measuring them is to hold it back to front, one edge against the wall, and mark it a grout line width from the adjacent whole tile.

Straight cuts in tiles

scoring tilesnapping tile Use a tile cutter to score the surface along the cut line.

Hold a straight edge along the line to be cut and run the cutter along this. Then, holding the tile over a small wooden batten, snap the tile along this line.

Where the offcut is narrow, the snapping process will be very difficult. In this case, use a pair of pliers to gradually nibble away the offcut working slowly towards the scored line.

Tile cutters and saws

If you have several cuts to do, you may find a cutting jig easier. This consists of a cutting wheel mounted on a runner to score the surface, a bed on which there is an adjustable guide and also, usually, a system for snapping the tiles.

Measure the size of tile required.

Set the tile in the jig and adjust the guide to the appropriate measurement.

Score the tile surface by running the wheel along its guide.

Snap the tile using the lever.

At the top end of the range is a diamond wet saw . This is capable of accurate and efficient cutting.

Cutting ceramic tiles 2