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Cutting ceramic tiles 2

Cutting ceramic tiles 1

Curved cuts in tiles

cutting with sawRemember to mark and cut tiles before applying the adhesive to the area. This way, you'll be able to check they fit without getting adhesive on them.

When cutting a curved shape, score the surface along the trim line, then nibble away the excess in small pieces using a pair of pincers.

Or use a tile saw, which has a round blade to trim the tile.

L shape cut in tiling

cutting with pincersWhere a tile needs a to be ‘L’ shaped - for example around a switch - mark and score the lines, then either use pincers as before or, holding the tile firmly, cut with a tile saw.

The tile can be held in a vice provided it is protected on both sides with cardboard to prevent damaging it.

Using a jigsaw to make shaped cuts

cutting with jigsawIf you have an electric jig saw, check the availability of blades for cutting ceramics.

These make light work of cutting awkward shapes.

Make sure however that the tile is held firmly supported on a flat surface so that it does not break due to the saw’s vibration.

Cutting ceramic tiles 3