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Cutting ceramic tiles 3

Cutting ceramic tiles 2

Cutting tiles around pipes

marking pipe cutpipe cut

Remember to mark and cut tiles before applying the adhesive to the area. This way, you'll be able to check they fit without getting adhesive on them.

Mark the centre line of the pipe on the tile and cut.

You now have two pieces of tile which need to be shaped to fit either side of the pipe.

Cut as for curved shapes.

Templates for accurate tile cutting

using a paper templateSome shapes of cut are difficult to measure accurately.

Take a piece of paper or thin card and cut it out to the size of a tile.

Cut strips into the paper at 1/2" intervals to enable it to be contoured around the item.

Fold each strip back so that the paper tile fits perfectly and trim to the fold line.

Lay this template on the tile and mark. Then cut as for curved shapes