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Papering a ceiling 1

Working platform for hanging ceiling papers

Apart from working overhead, the technique is very similar to papering a wall. The secret is to make a platform to walk along whilst papering each strip and to concertina fold the paper on the pasting table to make it easier to manage.

Ensure that any working platform is strong and stable enough before starting work.

Paperhanging order for ceilings

Work away from the main window wall.

Mark the ceiling at one end at a point a little less than the width of the paper away from this first wall. Mark a point at the other end of the ceiling the same distance from the wall. Join these two marks with a straight line to denote the edge of the first length.

Use a builder’s chalk line to strike a line between the two marks. They are very useful. Fix the end against the first point and unwind the chalk covered string. Hold the string against the second mark and pull it taut. Now, maintaining the tension, lift the middle of the string away from the surface and allow it to snap back. You will now have a straight chalk line printed on the surface for the first length of paper to follow.

This will ensure that your paper runs straight. If the paper is allowed to curve, successive pieces will need to curve more and more until you reach a point at which you cannot line up the joins.

Measuring cutting pasting and folding

concertina paperMeasure, cut and paste the paper as usual and fold in a concertina fashion.

Either hold the folded paper in one hand while hanging with the other, or enlist a helper to hold the folded part of the paper for you.But, ensure that your platform can support your combined weight safely.

Hanging the paper on the ceiling

Starting at one end, unfold the first concertina and line up the edge of the paper with the line on the ceiling.

Smooth the paper eliminating air as you go, in the same fashion as for papering walls. Tap the end of the paper into the wall angle using the tips of the brush.

Now work along the platform, unfolding and smoothing into place one fold at a time.

Once the whole length is in place, trim the ends so that they lap down the wall by 1/4 - 1/2" (except in the case of lining paper which will be papered over – this should be trimmed to the angle). The first piece will also need to be trimmed in the same way along its edge to the window wall

hanging paper on the ceilingorder of hanging paper on ceiling

Continue working across the ceiling in this way.

The final length will also need to be trimmed along its longest edge to suit the wall angle.

If the final piece is much less than a whole width of paper, trim it roughly before hanging.

Papering a ceiling 2