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Hanging wallpaper 1

First length of wallpaper

lining up first lengthMake sure that you have all the equipment you need to hand, and suitably set up steps.

Take the first length of paper and unfold the top end.

Leave the bottom end folded for the moment.

Holding the paper in both hands, slightly away from the wall, line it up with your vertical mark on the wall.

Remembering to allow an overlap at the top for trimming, gently push the paper against the wall, making any slight adjustments to its position by gentle sliding.

Smoothing to remove air bubbles

Using your hanging brush, smooth down the centre of the paper to push out the air.

smooth down centresmooth outwardsNext, smooth downwards at an angle towards the outer edges either side of the centre.

By working in one direction only you will avoid the possibility of pushing an air bubble first one way, then the other.

You will, however, need to work upwards for the part nearest the ceiling and can use the tips of the brush to stipple the paper into this junction.

Hanging wallpaper 2