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Best Budget Bathroom

budget bathroomChanging your bathroom is one of those jobs which everyone puts off. It can be such a struggle to find the right combinations of bath, sink and toilet for your room. In many cases it is simply easier to buy a suite from a DIY store in plain white. There are a number of great designs available, but how do you choose between a plain white suite in one store compared to another? Hopefully our guide to the cheaper suites will help you decide.

B&Q Takeaway Bathroom Packs

B&Q do a number of these takeaway bathrooms. They contain everything you need to turn your bathroom from a pink paradise into a sleek white clean room when you are on a budget.

It seems that these so-called bath packs do not include the bath however. It is possible that this is because different rooms will require a different sized bath, so the bath will need to be purchased separately. However a toilet, sink and two sets of taps can be purchased for just £125*, which is a great deal. A basic acrylic bath can then be added for just £102*. This range doesn't have a name and appears to be a simple B&Q basic range. As a starter bathroom this is by far the cheapest option at B&Q.

Wickes Takeaway Bathrooms

In Wickes you can actually take away an entire bathroom without having to mix and match the bath to the sink. However you will need to pay more for the privilege.

The Bermuda bathroom suite is a white square design which looks modern and has clean lines. It has a double ended bath and includes a sink and toilet pan and cistern all for £408*. The quality is certainly higher, but this is hardly a budget purchase.

The Sante Fe bathroom suite is priced at £510* but includes a curved bath ready for a shower, a bath screen, a bath panel and toilet with a sink. For another £100* this is a better option as it also includes the shower mixer and taps. The look is slightly less contemporary, but is it clean and fresh.

Bathstore takeaway bathrooms

In the Bathstore range there are a number of bathroom suites available which they are happy to combine. The website encourages the customer to choose the combinations you want from their ranges.

The cheapest option appears to be the Legend Basin and toilet combination which is usually in stock. This retails at £339*, but is advertised as being on offer for £169*, although this may not last at this price. Clearly a bath will need to be added. Acrylic baths seem to range from around £170* and upwards depending on the style and size.


The Best Bathroom

If you are searching for a complete bathroom without the hassle of mixing and matching items and searching for the right taps or shower attachments, then you cannot go wrong with Wickes. Their Sante Fe range comes with everything you need and it looks great too! Yes it is more expensive than the others, but it is still a drop in the ocean compared to the prices of some contemporary bathrooms.

* Prices shown correct at time of writing