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Fixing holes in walls – plaster plugs

hole fixing kitPlaster Plug is a totally new concept for fixing holes in walls. Many other solutions are slow, messy and complicated. Others leave a visible contour from the hole patch. The Plaster Plug finally gives us a permanent, quick and easy way to get the job done, leaving your wall looking smooth, just as new. It was designed by a single mom of three who needed a simple solution which quite frankly didn’t exist on the market. This was the birth of the Plaster Plug. Now you can do the job in a jiffy and paint over the fixed hole the same day. The versatility of the Plaster Plug means that it can be used for all sorts of wall repairs.

Clever design and versatility

The Plaster Plug has four grooves which run lengthwise along the plug, and several grooves in regular intervals across it, making it easy to snap your plug into the desired length. Filler is inserted into the side grooves and bonds quickly with the wall upon insertion.

The Plaster Plug can be used inside as well as outside, and suits any type of wall!

You can fix all types of shapes such as holes from electric plug fittings, from light fittings in ceilings or side walls, long cable holes, holes from removed piping, cracks from door handles, and many more.