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Gates and Garage Doors - Going Automatic

automatic garage doorsThere was a time when having an automatic garage door or gates which opened at the click of a button was seen as being the height of luxury. To have the privilege of staying in your car when these doors opened for you seemed like something from the future. Well, the future is here and these days automatic gates and doors are fairly commonplace.

If you are considering installing these time saving items you may wonder how easy they are to install, if you need to get in an expert and whether you can actually afford them. Hopefully your questions will all be answered here.

First there are a few things you need to consider. Most important is how much room you have. You need to be able to park in front of the gates while they open and inside the drive while they close behind you. Also when it comes to garage doors, you need to leave enough room for the doors to open. If you have a short drive it may be difficult to accommodate both pieces of technology. However you can opt for gates and doors which slide open along rails. This may save some space.

The simple fact of having a set of automatic gates means that you are more likely to have them closed. This offers your more security. It is the same with a garage door. Many people do not use their garages, however having the convenience of a self opening system means you are more likely to put your car inside. Once again this is great for the security of your car.

Installing a brand new system can be very expensive, but if you are a keen DIYer you can install an electric door opener on your existing garage door or gate. Most of these kits will come with full fitting instructions. While it may be possible to do it as a DIY job, you need to be fairly competent.

Garage door openers and gate openers range in price from £200 up to as much as £1,000. The difference depends on the type of gate or door you have and how heavy they are. If your gates have two sections you will need two openers and a double garage will require two systems.

It is possible to get compatible systems which use just one remote – opening the gate and the garage at the same time. This will allow you to drive in without having to stop and wait.

Rather than using a remote you could choose to use a pressure sensor. This will detect the car entering the driveway and automatically open the gate or garage. Of course this is not helpful if you are wanting to keep your house private.

Finally if you find that your old garage door is not suitable for an automatic door opener, it is possible to buy new systems which include the doors. You can choose an up and over door or one which rolls up in sections. Either way, this will be hard to install as a DIY job, but possible for experienced DIYers, but you may need a friend to help.