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Artificial Lawns

artificial lawnsIf you are one of the many homeowners who love to enjoy your garden, but prefer not to do all of the work associated with it, then an artificial lawn may be exactly what you have been looking for. These days fake grass can look incredibly realistic and best of all, it never needs cutting and the maintenance is nothing more than the occasional clean. Not only does it look great but it saves on water, helps keep your home clean, is great for animals and is completely safe for children. You can even recycle it when you are finished with it.

Artificial grass can be bought in many lengths. The shorter styles are generally the type which might be used on putting greens or mini golf courses. It definitely looks unreal but is suited to these purposes. For something more realistic you need to buy turf which is longer and more lush looking. The more you are willing to spend, the longer and thicker the turf will be and hence the more real it will look. Considering that you will be using the fake grass for ten years or possibly longer it is worth spending a little more to get the best quality for your purposes.

Laying artificial grass is easy. Simply remove the grass you already have and make sure than the ground underneath is even. Remove any rocks which might damage the turf and ensure the area is weed free. Once this is done you should put down a layer of garden sheeting designed to prevent the growth of weeds. A layer of sand over this will provide a soft base for your grass. Then simply roll out the grass over the area and cut to size. You can use stakes to pin down the edges, but the weight of the grass is usually enough to keep it in place.

Once the grass has been laid you can brush sand into it. The fabric into which the grass is sewn is actually full of holes. This allows rain to soak through. Having the layer of sand underneath and brushing sand into the upper surface will help to absorb any water and prevent puddles forming.

The advantages of artificial grass are many, but the following ones may just point you in the right direction and help you decide if it is for you.

  • The grass will always look neat and tidy and perfectly green. You will never have to mow it, edge it or maintain it in any way.
  • Removing leaves and debris from the grass is simply a matter of raking or brushing them away. If the grass becomes dirty you can use a hose to wash it, but this will happen each time it rains anyway. If you are very particular you can always use your vacuum cleaner to give it a proper clean.
  • If you have children they will be able to play outside and will not get muddy, even in the rain and snow. Snow will remain pristine white even as it melts.
  • If you suffer with hayfever, the grass will not affect you.
  • The grass is soft enough to be used under play areas for children. The layer of sand adds extra bounce and it is comfortable to walk and sit on.
  • Animals actually like the grass and if they do use it as their personal toilet, you can easily wash it away. The grass will not get stained.
  • If you move home you can roll up the grass and take it with you or you can recycle it along with other plastics at your recycling centre.

Yes, this type of grass will cost you more than simple real turf, but if you take the fact that you won't need a mower, the time you will save and the versatility into account, you could be actually saving money in the long run.