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Buying A Hot Tub

hot tubHaving a hot tub in the back garden must seem like the ultimate in luxury. There can't be anything nicer than jumping into a hot pool of bubbly water after a long day at work and simply letting the water carry you off in deep relaxation. Or perhaps the thought of a party atmosphere appeals to you? Having a hot tub is an automatic magnet for friends and family who want to share in the joys of a relaxing soak with a glass or two of bubbly.

Whatever your reason for buying one, a hot tub can be confusing purchase. With so many brands and types available it is a difficult decision to make.

  • It is recommended that you buy a well known and established brand from an installer who can offer a 3-5 year guarantee for your hot tub. Paying a little more for this is worthwhile as having a hot tub which doesn't work is a waste of space...and they can be expensive to repair.
  • Showrooms are happy for customers test their hot tubs before use. Simply ask about the usual procedure for this. Some will arrange times and other will let you turn up with your swimsuit! Sitting in a dry hot tub is not a good way to make a decision.
  • Decide on where your hot tub will sit and whether it will be above ground or below. Remember than some tubs can be dismantled and moved with you if you leave your property, but not the ones which are dug into the ground or surrounded by decking.
  • A hot tub is usually made out of a type of acrylic and will have jets and whirlpools to offer massages. For real luxury you can get tubs with stereos and mood lighting. You also have the option of buying extras such as insulating covers and headrests.
  • It is possible to fit a hot tub yourself, with the help of an electrician for the electrical parts. But having a professional complete the job will ensure that all the work is covered by the guarantee.
  • Expect to pay around £3000 for a good quality three person hot tub which has been installed. If this seems a little pricey then do shop around and haggle. The price is never set in stone. Some installers will have showroom models or some which are damaged, which they may sell cheaper.
  • A hot tub will cost around £30-£40 a month to run, assuming it is used regularly. The pH levels of the water should be checked regularly and it will need weekly oxidation to keep the water clean. The filter will need cleaning bi-monthly which involves draining and refilling the tub.