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1st Law of Boilers

They will always break down when you really need them or over the holidays.

Replacing a dead boiler may seem simple enough. The boiler malfunction didn’t come as a surprise, Its been sick for a while and you know its not very efficient.

So you phone the gasman and shell out great wads of cash to get him to do it as fast as possible.

towel radiatorIn your haste to get the heating on and a hot shower you decide not to change the radiators like the gasman suggests but opt for a power wash. A power wash is simply water with cleaning chemicals pumped through your radiator system at great speed to flush any sediment and corroded metal out leaving it clean(ish) for the new boiler.

So why did the gasman suggest new radiators? Its because aside from circuit board malfunction, rubbish in the pipes is a boilers worst enemy. Radiators are made of metal and it rusts inside where you can’t see it. The sediment and bits of rusty metal will clog the heat exchanger(the part that heats the water) and the iron still left in those rusty flakes, is enough to do horrible things to the aluminium and copper parts of that expensive new boiler on which you just paid a premium, to have fitted over Christmas. Not to mention that they can leak.

new radiatorWith the choice of DIY radiators we have these days there are a hundred ways to modernise your home or hide the heaters for a more traditional look, by simply changing the radiators.

Is it DIY stuff?

You betcha. There isn’t much to a radiator. It’s a couple of fittings to undo on the sides and it will lift off the wall. But before you do that I suggest you contact your gasman(make sure they are Corgie registered) and have a chat before your boiler breaks down completely. Let him/her know that you want to change the radiators(Rads is the term for those in the know) yourself and most good gasmen will be happy to decommission the old boiler, let you replace the Rads, and come back to install the new boiler. Feed your gasman lots of cups of tea, you will find they are a font of knowledge and will be able to advise which types and size of Rad will suit the application and how best to fit them.

Size is important when it comes to the Rads as much as the boiler size. I like them big.

What the law says. As the property owner you can fit the piping Rads and even hang the boiler yourself, however you cannot touch the gas line. This must be handled by a Corgie registered gas fitter and honestly its not worth the bother. Leave it to the man. Likewise leave the power feed to the proffesionals. Some installers will not commision a boiler that has been fitted DIY. So make sure you talk to your gasman before you start work. Next article I will show step by step how to do a replacement of an old Rad.