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Funky Radiators

funky radiatorThe days of plain wall mounted radiators are long behind us. Nowadays you can buy a radiator to fit any space, any room, any interior design concept and at any price you care to pay. In fact radiators now vary more than any other feature which we all have in our homes.

For years we have been spending money on radiator covers in an attempt to hide, what were essentially ugly pieces of metal attached to the wall. But with the funky radiators now available they are becoming more a piece of wall art in their own right. You can see some great examples at And if not art, then they can double as a practical piece of modern furniture.


Wall space in a kitchen is generally limited due to the number of cupboards which are required. For this reason a new radiator can be hard to place. One option is to buy one which doubles as a towel rail. The usual stainless steel might be good in a bathroom, but in a kitchen it might not work quite so well. So it is good that these now come in several different materials from mat metals to white painted. Even wooded rails can be added to a metal radiator backing. Another option for kitchens is a heated plinth which runs around the bottom of cabinets. They may not pump out much heat but will supply an ambient source of heat in an area which doesn't need much in the way of direct heat.

Living rooms

Radiators which double as mirrors may be perfect for a living room. Sited vertically, they will not even look like a radiator and can be easily incorporated into any look. If art is your thing, then radiators come in all shapes and colours. From long vertical types to satin finished squares which can be attached to each other to create any look required.


A freestanding radiator with a bench top is perfect for a hall way. Somewhere to sit down and take your shoes off and get nice and warm while you are at it. Radiators with shelving or hooks might also be a good idea as they will allow for storage in the hall.


Low level radiators might be best for in a bedroom. Radiators which are part of the skirting are popular for this application. They will not take up wall space where wardrobes or beds might be placed and will not detract from the furnishing of the room. Despite this, old fashioned radiators which are chunky and obvious might work well in a Victorian period home.


With the amount of steam and dampness which occurs in a bathroom, the right finish on a radiator is essential. Stainless steel is always a top choice and even better if it doubles as somewhere to hang your towels. Radiators which are also mirrors are also a good option as they will be less inclined to steaming up.