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Simple Solutions for those Summer Stains and Spills


Summer has arrived at last, and with it come thoughts of parties and barbeques and garden gatherings. But with the good old unpredictable British weather – what starts out as an outdoor BBQ can quickly turn into an indoors soiree, bringing spillages, mud and smeared ketchup into your home!

1001, the carpet and upholstery cleaning and freshening experts are here to offer a few quick remedies for tackling the most annoying summer stains. Follow their expert tips to ensure you make the most of the summer months without the need for scrubbing!

  • Just because your home is suffering at the hands of all those wild summer parties, the resulting stains and marks don’t have to become part of it too. 1001 Shampoo is perfect for wider area stain removal such as hallways and stairs leaving treated areas clean, fresh and revitalised plus its Woolsafe Approved too.
  • Always try to deal with spillages immediately. Absorb liquid spills with either white kitchen towel or an absorbent 'terry' towel ensuring all liquid is absorbed from the area which will help prevent the stain from re-appearing after cleaning or spreading during the cleaning process
  • When a spill occurs we tend to panic but don’t rush in with your cloth madly rubbing at the stain as cleaning in circles tends to spread marks. Rubbing aggressively can cause damage to the carpet so be gentle and clean in four directions: north to south and east to west, or up and down and back and forth to ensure a level finish across the surface
  • After treating stains, cover the treated area with clean kitchen towel and place a heavy weight such as a book over the top for about 12 hours. This will ensure any liquid residue is lifted and avoid brown ring marks which can sometimes appear as a result of the carpet backing getting wet and wicking up through the fibres
  • After being out of use half the year, your garden furniture, fabric seating, cushions and parasols can become tired and grey and in need of a good clean! The solution? 1001 Shampoo. A must-have product to clean all types of upholstery, both indoors and out, 1001 Shampoo will get you ready to enjoy another summer season in style
  • For those toughest, deep down stains such as red wine or mud, 1001 Troubleshooter Ultra is a more advanced 4-in-1 formula designed to eliminate stains, neutralise odours and prevent re-soiling. It also features a built-in fabric conditioner to care for your carpets and upholstery
  • It's not exactly rocket science but keep your carpets clean by always having a clean doormat at the door and ensuring the kids wipe their feet well or even better take their shoes off or change into house shoes once inside to reduce the amount of surface soiling that makes it look dirty. This prevents the build up of gritty soil which grinds away at the base of the tufts and wears your carpet out quicker. It also stops bacteria breeding, too ‚ important if you've got crawling toddlers
  • If, after your holidays, the carpets and upholstery smell of sweaty socks, damp towels and sun tan lotion, give them a good scrub and then reach for 1001 No Vac. This revolutionary carpet, rug and upholstery freshener will safely eliminate everyday trapped odours within your upholstery without the need to vacuum. It’s also perfect for a quick fix if your friends are on their way over and you’ve forgotten to vacuum.
  • If your pets have been bounding in and out of the house all day long then 1001 Pet Stain Remover is great for quickly tackling the stains and odours they may have left behind. This fast acting fine pray instantly attacks all sorts of undesirable stains including pet related stains.

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