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Bizarre Insurance Claims

We have all had to claim on our home insurance when one of the kids put a ball through the window or the paint didn't quite make it onto the walls. But what if the claim you have to make is so embarrassing or silly that you fear you might not be believed. Well most of the following list you just couldn't make up.

These have been released by Lloyds Insurance and are a round up of the strangest claims they received.

telephone operator
  • One man accidently shot his TV when the gun he was refurbishing went off. He had no idea it was actually loaded.
  • Another claimant wanted to report the loss of a pair of spectacles which were stolen by a very brave magpie, which swooped in through an open window and carried them off.
  • Then there was the one about the dog which ate the digital camera – I know they are small these days but small enough to eat?
  • Another woman was so annoyed at her husband that she threw a plate at him. It wasn't the plate she was claiming for, but the window she broke when she missed him.
  • “Nothing gets in the way of passion” was the quip from a customer who was hoping to claim for a broken bed. Quite what he was doing for the bed post to be broken is anyone's guess.
  • Along the same lines, Lloyd staff also had to deal with a customer who had his collection of “adult” toys stolen. He might have been better advised to just write that one off.
  • Dogs left at home alone will do the strangest things, but a Labrador with a penchant for decorating used his tail to paint the living room walls. He dipped his tail (we assume accidently) in a tray of paint and wagged it around the room.

And finally there is the digital radio which was placed inside the fish tank. The claimants daughter thought the fish might want to dance to the music.
Insurance is for the unforeseen and how could anyone have been expected to prepare for these types of events. It certainly highlights the need for good insurance and for making sure you are fully covered. But just for the fun of reading them, we hope that strange insurance cases still keep coming!