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Could You Fit a New Bathroom?

If your bathroom is in need of a makeover you may be wondering if you have the skills to do it yourself. Surely you will need an electrician, a plumber, a tiler and a decorator? Well not necessarily. Most of the jobs which need to be done in the bathroom can be done by willing do it yourselves. You simply need to be methodical and to give yourself plenty of time. You may need professional help in some areas, but you will save a fortune by doing as much as you can yourself.

The donkey work

If you are capable to carrying heavy objects up and down stairs then you can easily dismantle your bathroom. Make sure the water is turned off before you start and then undo the plumbing around your sink, toilet and bath. You will need stoppers to cover the ends of the pipes to prevent any leaks. Then simply remove the items. Tiles and flooring can then be removed.

The electrical work

This is the one area where it is essential to get a professional in. The bathroom is considered to be a “special” area when it comes to electricity due to the fact it is around water. Any work which needs to be done on the lighting system, the electric shower or shaving sockets must be done by a professional and you will need to get a certificate from them to show it has been tested. However you can always help your electrician by designing the system and preparing the bathroom as much as possible. Doing work like chasing walls for cable runs will certainly save some money

Moving or preparing plumbing

There is no regulation to say that an amateur cannot do plumbing work in their own home. If you are completely new to plumbing, you should watch some online videos to see how pipes are connected to each other and which size pipes are required for each stage of the job. If you are a little wary of moving pipes around you can simply reuse the system you already had in place. As long as it was fairly standard in terms of size, you should find it easy to find a bathroom suite which will fit.

Fitting the suite

Carrying the bath upstairs can be the hardest part of this job. Each item will need to be connected up to the old pipe work. Do not rush the fitting and always ensure the pipe connections are properly tightened – with compression fittings, don’t over tighten as this may damage the olive and result in a leak. If you are unsure, make sure you took notice when you dismantled the bathroom and simply repeat the process.


Tiling is one of those jobs which gets better with practise. For this reason you should try your hand at this in a part of the bathroom where it won't be noticed quite so much. The larger the tiles, the easier it will be. You need to be precise, measure well, use a level and don’t overdo the adhesive. Most people can master tiling in an afternoon, but be prepared for your whole bathroom to take at least a few days to complete. If you are doing the floor as well, you may need to allow more time.


Finally you can be creative and do the finishing touches. Most people are able to turn their hand to a little painting and decorating so don't be scared off by this part of the job. Even if you got professionals in to do the rest of the bathroom, this is one area where you can save yourself a little bit of money.