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Cool Baths - Materials for Ultimate Designer Baths

Illustration of a funky bathWe all know that a plain white bathroom suite is pretty standard across most of the homes in the UK. Whether it is plastic resin, acrylic, metal, claw footed, a corner bath or a shower bath; you are hard pressed to find anything other than white and in the standard sizes in most of the usual retail stores. But what if your tastes and your budget will stretch to something more unusual? What are the options, what can you expect to spend and where on earth do you find the perfect funky bath?

Unfortunately if you are looking for a bath which stands out from the rest or perhaps something which will fit a certain space, then you may have to have a bespoke bath manufactured. This can be costly, as your new bath will be one of a kind. You must expect to pay anything from a few hundred pounds up to many thousand for the ultimate in designer baths.

However if money is no object, then which materials might you want to indulge in?


We have all seen glass hand basins at our local DIY store, but a glass bath may seem like too much of an indulgence. But surprisingly, a glass bath can be both practical and beautiful. You will be able to choose from frosted glass to clear glass options. Obviously clear glass will require extra cleaning and does not allow for modesty. When it comes to size and shape, curved glass can be limited due to manufacturing problems, but the general bath shape is quite achievable. Also taps will need to be wall mounted.

Composite stone

These baths offer the look of stone without the additional weight, making them more practical for a modern bathroom. The material is warm and smooth and even non-slip. In addition a composite bath will be easier to clean that a standard stone one might be. Composite stone baths can even look exactly like they are carved from a huge piece of rock, but without the inevitable cost which would be associated with that.

Metals: Brass, Copper

Brass and copper make the most beautiful baths and will certainly make the most of any bathroom. Clearly they will take plenty of looking after to retain the crisp bronze look. For those who prefer not to have too much work to do, some metal baths come with an enamelled interior meaning that the metal will not discolour at the same rate. In any case, the baths will need regular polishing to keep them gleaming. They may also be cool to the touch when using.

DIY designer baths

If you are working to a budget, and let's face who isn't these days? You might want to consider making your own bath enclosure. A simple box can be lined and tiled to build a bath of any size or shape. Clearly it is important to consider the weight of the bath when filled and to ensure that it is correctly lined to prevent any leaks. If this seems like a good idea to you, then make the enclosure very sturdy and choose tiles which are non-slip. Mosaics are perfect for this project.