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Baths to Suit all Styles and Tastes

bath in bathroomDespite the number of options when it comes to showers and the fact that most of us prefer a quick shower in the morning, we would still not be without our baths. Whether it is for the children or for a relaxing soak a few times a week, a bath is an important part of any bathroom.

When deciding on the best type of bath for your bathroom, it is important to think about what size and style you will require. If you are getting older it might be wise to consider a walk-in option or one with easier access. Let's have a look at all the options and see which might be most suitable for you.

Just a plain old bath (straight bath)

Most of us will be happy with a plain white (or coloured) plastic or metal bath which comes in standard sizes (usually 1700x700mm). For the most part, this is suitable for nearly any application and will fit into most spaces. Some of these types of baths can be bought slightly shorter to fit an awkward spot. They will usually have space for taps at one end and will be bought with a bath panel. Some of these basic baths have a bulbous end to accommodate a stand-in shower. Glass doors can be fitted to allow the bath to work as a shower enclosure.

Free-standing bath

Sometimes these are known as roll top baths although many have straight edges. These can be perfect for a large space where walking around the bath is possible. Also roll-top baths are great for period homes where the older style claw-footed bath looks traditional and feels luxurious. Generally these baths are slightly larger than straight baths and are deeper. For this reason it is important to ensure you have sturdy floors. Taps can be placed at the ends and sometimes in the middle of the bath edges.

Corner bath

While these have gone out of favour in recent years, the corner bath can be a great alternative for small spaces. While these baths generally are not long enough to lie down in, they are good for children and for sitting in. In some cases it is possible to buy a corner bath which is offset giving more leg room. These can be bought with bath panels or can be built into a wooden surround. They generally have a corner section perfect for keeping soap and other bath essentials.

Whirlpool baths

These baths are more at the luxury end of the spectrum and come with powerful jets built into the sides of the bath. Water is pumped through the jets and mixed with air causing bubbles and turbulence. These usually have controls to regulate the speed and strength of the water jets. These baths can be fitted in the normal way, however an electrical fitting will be required, for which a qualified person will be needed.

Walk-in baths

A walk-in bath can be one suitable for lying down or sitting in. Usually they have door on one side which will allow you to enter the bath without having to ask for help. Of course, the water cannot be put into the bath until the door is closed and you are inside. You will also have to wait for the water to drain before leaving the bath. Doors which open inwards tend to have a better seal and are less likely to leak, while doors which open outwards are available. Draining time in this type of bath is an important consideration as you might get quite cold waiting for the bath to empty.