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Freestanding Bath Ideas

freestanding_bath_ideas_articleWe have all seen the photos in home improvement magazines – a beautiful classical style roll-top bath in the centre of a huge bathroom. No children's toys, bottles of shampoo or wet towels on the floor. Just the perfect environment for a long soak. You may have thought that you could never achieve a similar look in your own home. In fact installing a free-standing bath is easily achieved and as long as you have the space there are a number of things you can do to make your bath a design feature.

Clearly it is impossible to have a free-standing bath in a tiny bathroom, but it doesn't need to be huge. Just positioning the bath a few centimetres away from the wall and using central free-standing taps can give the illusion of much more space. Try painting the wall behind in white so that it is hard to tell how much of a gap there is.

If you are able to place the bath in the middle of the room there is certainly many things you can do to accentuate the bath itself and to make it stand out.

You can now buy a free-standing bath in different materials. The standard white will always look great, but copper can give the room a special warmth, while glass will work well in a modern and clean environment.

Try using LED floor lights around the outside of the bath area. The lighting will highlight the bath and show how important it is to the room. If your bath is glass then the lights will make the water sparkle. Some baths can even have the LED lights under the water. These can pulsate and change colour depending on your mood.

Try placing your bath on an elevated plinth. Using this method your bath can be higher than the rest of the room or you could make it sunken. All that is required in a couple of steps to get up to it and then you can step into the bath. The plinth can have lights installed into it and can even be covered with marble for a truly luxurious feel.

One problem with a free-standing bath is that it can leave no room for storage around the bath. There are a number of attractive baskets which can sit on the bath which are great for holding soaps and brushes. Otherwise you could inset the bath into a surround which can be tiled to match the rest of the room.

Turning your bathroom into the sort you get in a spa or a five star hotel is easy to achieve. Once you have the bath in its position you need to accessorise it carefully. Candles always work well in this environment and give a calm and relaxed feel. Surrounding your bath with green plants can give an outdoors feel.

Just having the luxury of enough space to have a free-standing bath is something which can transform your bathroom. Employing some of these ideas can make the room even more special.