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Storage options for your bedroom

Our bedrooms are meant to be the place we can retreat to at the end of a long and hard day. We need them to be peaceful and tranquil, a place to close our eyes and sleep soundly. But for most of us a bedroom becomes a place to store things we don't want on display. We may have part of the bedroom for an office or we may have to share our bedroom with laundry or children's toys. There are many solutions available for us to clear the clutter in our bedroom and hopefully bring it back to the peaceful space it needs to be.

Under bed storage

The bed is usually the largest item in our bedroom and the space underneath is often wasted or overlooked. You could choose a divan type bed with a drawer underneath or if you don't want to buy a new bed, then the best idea is a box on wheels. This gives you easy access to the box and it's contents. There are some on the market which have attractive rattan styles or you could go for plastic or even wood.

Built in wardrobes

Built in wardrobesYou could build a made to measure wardrobe or even a walk in wardrobe, but before choosing think about how you want to use the space. What combination of shelving, racks, drawers and hanging space do you need? What would be the most efficient use of space? Wardrobe doors can double as mirrors and if you choose sliding doors you can give yourself just a little bit more floor space.

Free-standing furniture

Free-standing furnitureA set of free-standing wardrobes, drawers and bedside tables can really pull a room together giving it cohesion and uniformity. It also gives a huge amount of extra storage space. Although they can offer a limited amount of flexibility compared to built to measure options, the latest designs do incorporate drawer dividers, shelves and so on, which can offer some changeable aspects.

Ottomans and Tea Chests

Ottomans and Tea ChestsHarking back to old fashioned period style bedrooms, these end of bed boxes were originally designed for keeping spare blankets and quilts. They are now attractive duel purpose bedroom items. Perfect for sitting on when putting on your shoes, they are also perfect for storing the shoes in!


We tend to overlook shelving as an option in a bedroom, but they can offer great ways to display items and also for storage. Keep items in a box and stack on shelves, use for your jewellery or line up your best pairs of stilettos or boots.

Office furniture

If you are really stuck for space and must keep your computer in the bedroom, there are always ways of keeping it hidden during non-working hours. Try a pull out desk hidden inside your wardrobe or a computer desk with doors to keep all the clutter safely hidden away. At the end of the day, the last thing you need is a reminder of the work still left to do.

Even in the smallest of spaces there are always ways to achieve a clutter free environment and the bedroom should be the first place we start. Think of your bedroom as a place to retreat from the day and hide away the mess using these simple ideas.