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War on Mould

At last, a way to fight back against the black mould that crops up on sealant around baths, basins, showers and sinks.

bostik anti-germ sealant being appliedSealant has never been the easiest DIY job to get right so, after battling to do a good job, the last thing you want is the seemingly inevitable arrival of mould. It happens though, and a few months after patting yourself on the back for doing such a good job, it all turns sour. That bright white sealant isn’t quite so white any more and before you know it’s turning black as the mould takes hold.

The same happens to the tile grout in the shower and around the bath. You clean it as best you can but nothing really works long term.

The good news is that there’s a better answer. The guys at Evo-stik have come up with Anti-germ – a range of white and translucent sealants for kitchen and bathrooms, and all-purpose wall tile adhesive and grout. They’re the first products of their kind that kill germs – and go on killing them!

bostik anti-germ range of productsAt last, you can be proud of the job you’ve done and know it’s going to stay looking good. Best of all, it costs about the same as other premium products.

Anti-germ destroys MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella and other bacteria that can cause serious diseases, especially in the young and the elderly. It also stops mould and fungi growth, meaning your kitchen and bathroom will stay whiter for longer.

The anti-germ range is available at Focus, Homebase and B&Q. Prices start from £9.98.

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