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Create a Photo Wall

photo wallThere is nothing nicer in this age of digital photos to actually have some of them printed and displayed. It is possible to put them onto a digital picture frame and have the results of your last family holiday scroll round on an endless loop. But what about making a real feature of these happy times and turning them into a design statement?

A wall of photos can be put just about anywhere and will work well in any setting. You can use it to fill a space in the living room, to lead your eye up the stairs or even to peruse while sitting in the downstairs cloakroom. The size, shapes and positions can be adjusted to suit the space and they can be moved anywhere in the house.

They are also ideal as you can update the photos at any time. As your children grow you can change the photos or add a new one for each year. Or perhaps you could update with each new and exciting holiday. If you are into plant life or landscapes you could adjust the photos to match the seasons. Flowers and the sea in the summer and rolling hills, snow and mountains for the winter.

When it comes to colour the options are also endless. You could group together many black and white photos or use certain scenes to add colour to the room. For example you could group together all of your green or red photos to give them a sense of belonging together.

Making your photo wall is simple. Take advantage of some of the photo hanging systems which are available. Some use a series of thin wires onto which you can hang light frames which hold the photos in place. These frameless photo holders work well in less formal areas.

If you are up for a little more work you can choose a number of different sized photos frames (plain black ones work well) and attach them to the wall. You might want to cut paper to the size of the frames and use this as a template to help you decide where the frames will be hung.

Don't be afraid to mix and match styles of frame. Look around car boot sales for interesting frames such as oval or round ones or particularly ornate painting frames. Even though the look may be quite eclectic, it can work well in the right setting.

One great idea is to use one large blown-up photo as the centrepiece to your creation. Have this photo printed on canvas and surround it with smaller related photos. It could be a photo of your children, with photos of them through the years randomly dotted around the central picture.

Or you could gather together those old black and white family photos which we all have stashed away. Putting these altogether can give an old worldly feel to a home, but also encourages you to think about your ancestry and the importance of family.

Be creative and don't be scared to try something new. Dig out those old photos and put them out for all to see. You might be surprised by the results.