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Five Ways to Make More of Your Living Space

For the vast majority of us who can’t afford to live in country mansions, taking the time to maximise the use of the available space in our homes can mean the difference between suffering claustrophobic conditions and enjoying much more aesthetically pleasing surroundings. With the use of space-saving furniture and innovative tips and tricks, it won’t take long to transform a cluttered house into something altogether more relaxing.

Pick the right bed

There are big space saving opportunities to be had in the master bedroom, with your choice of bed going a long way to determining how much space you have to spare. Divan bed sets often come with built-in drawer units which can be incredibly useful for storage. If you prefer a traditional bedframe, go for one with high enough floor clearance to allow storage boxes to be slotted in underneath. If you have children, then bunk beds are also a classic space-saving solution.

Check out a chest

Mess can quickly build up in bedrooms so it’s always good to have some extra storage on hand wherever possible. Storage chests and trunks are perfect for this purpose – and there are plenty of styles available to suit all types of room and budget. If you’re happy to look to the top end of the scale a solid wood trunk can look fantastic in the right room, while more affordable bright plastic storage chests are ideal for housing toys and games in children’s rooms.

Tackle the kitchen

Bulky fridge freezers can take up an unnecessary amount of space, especially if you don’t have a large family to cater for. More compact under-counter units are worth looking into as they’ll often offer more than enough shelf space while also freeing up some much needed space in the kitchen. There are also simple ways to maximise worktop and cupboard space in the kitchen – a pot rack, for example is a great way to have essential items at hand without cluttering up the kitchen.

Look for versatility

If you don’t have enough space to be able to have a dedicated guest bedroom, sofa beds are the ideal solution. Available in a variety of styles to suit every taste, sofa beds allow you to transform a room in a matter of seconds, offering a versatile solution to a common problem.

Consider a corner sofa

Depending on the layout of your living room a corner sofa can do wonders for freeing up floor space. While a traditional set-up might see a three-seater and two-seater sofa take up a significant portion of the room, corner sofas allow you to keep your seating to one specific area without compromising on the amount of sitting space available.