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Who Loves DIY

Research conducted by Bosch has discovered that one in five men hate doing DIY, while one in four women quite enjoy it. In fact, 52% of women indulge in a spot of DIY every now and then.

Of those men who didn't like DIY, one third said it took too much time, one in five said they didn't know what they were doing and 21% said they were just too lazy to bother.

45% of those who enjoy DIY said that they do it because it fills them with pride to see the final result and 26% said they use DIY to express their creativity.

Chris Tidy From Bosch commented that men tend to see Do It Yourself as a chore rather than a hobby and that the practical skills which parents may have passed to their children in the past are no longer being passed down the generations. Many people are relying on professionals, he said. He points out that the fulfilment and satisfaction of doing home improvements yourself is unbeatable.