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Women Honing Their DIY Skills

Green Party spokesperson and the creator of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4's Sian Berry has written a new book titled Mend It! The book is aimed at people (women?) who are a little worried at the prospect of doing some DIY around the house. The book offers tips on small projects from wobbly table legs to rewiring a lamp.

The book is not necessarily aimed at women but does highlight the fact that women tend to engage in activities to do with thriftiness and mending rather than the big and heavy jobs. More than one in five households in the UK is owned by a woman and a recent study showed that just 75% of men knew how to change a fuse and only 30% could bleed a radiator. This shows that there is no better time for women to be honing their DIY skills. According to Berry many men, including her partner have great IT skills but are struggling when it comes to DIY. She points out that being good with a laptop can be just as useful.