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£400 Boiler Scrappage Offer Matched

With the extreme temperatures being experienced around the country this week, the timing could not be better for the introduction of the Governments boiler scrappage scheme. The scheme offers £400 off a new boiler for those who qualify.

However, British Gas and npower have both said they are willing to match the government and will offer a further £400 to those buying a boiler from them.

A new boiler will cost around £2500 to buy and install, so £800 off is a fairly good investment.

Those with “G” rated boilers will qualify or those with boilers more than 25 years old. The only problem with the scheme is that the cost needs to be paid upfront and the reclaimed after the work is done. In addition, those on low incomes and who qualify for the Government grants already available will not qualify for the scrappage scheme. It is estimated that replacing an old boiler can save around £200 a year.