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Home Improvements To Avoid!

According to GoCompare there are some home improvement projects that will cost you way more than you'll get back, should you sell your home.

Number one on the list is digging out a basement to install a wine cellar.  The potential average loss on a project to create a wonderful ambience for your finest wines is around £46,000.

Also avoid splashing out on a swimming pool if youre planning to move in the short term.  The loss on this can be around £33,000.

Are your finances fit enough to put a tennis court in the back garden?  It could mean you'll be 'love 30' (000 pounds) for the privilege!

Apparently, even an trusty old extension is unlikely to pay its way when you sell.  Far better to get planning permission to extend but not actually do any work.  Allowing your buyers to choose the precise layout, decor and equipment is frequently the best home investment you can make.