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15% Discount for Home Movers and Over 60s

Focus DIY is offering a helping hand to over 60s and home movers this February with a fantastic 15% off everything* in store for all qualifying discount cardholders.The offer, which runs until Sunday 27th February, will provide all Focus Privilege Over 60s cardholders and Homemover cardholders with an additional 5% discount on top of the usual 10%.

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15% Discount on New Picture Hanging Tool

Takker, first launched in Ireland in 2009 following a successful appearance on Irish Dragon’s Den and has proven itself to be a much used tool around the house.

Takker is an ingeniously simple DIY device that makes hanging items around the home, garden and work place quick, easy and safe. No need for hammers, nails, drills or any other tools, Takker comes pre-loaded with super-strong Takks which it dispenses into your chosen surface and is immediately ready to hold weights up to 10kgs/22lbs.

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30 Days Notice On Utility Bills

A new rule from Ofgem, the energy regulator has said that utility providers must give their customers 30 days notice of any changes to the price of their bills. Also they will have to give 30 days notice of any change to their contract which will make the customer worse off.

These changes will come into effect from 28 April this year, giving just 30 days for suppliers to put the changes into practice.

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30 Year DIY Project

Owen Waterboys has finally launched his DIY boat nearly 30 years after he started it. He began building the boat in 1982 in his Mum's garden and expected it might take 5 years to complete. 30 years later and plenty of man-hours he had the task of getting it from the garden to the sea.

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300 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Donated

300 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Donated

300 carbon monoxide alarms have been donated to the safety charity RoSPA and the Southern Health and Social Care Trust. The donation was made by a foundation set up in memory of two teenagers who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday in August last year.

Neil Mcferran and his friend Aaron Davidson were killed when the poisonous gas built up in the holiday flat they were staying in.

The Gis A Hug Foundation was set up to raise awareness of the risk of this type of poisoning and in particular to encourage people to have alarms in their homes and to get their gas appliances serviced every year.

Neil's mother Catherine McFerran from the foundation has said that the RoSPA had been a great source of information to them when they set up the charity and they wished to give them something back. They hope that the alarms will go to the most vulnerable in our society such as the elderly and students.

Colin Wallace from the RoSPA has commented that carbon monoxide poisoning is the silent killer in our homes. The gas cannot be seen or smelled and can build up to high levels if appliances are faulty. He says that the charity encourages the use of alarms and they are happy to receive the donation of 300 alarms which they can distribute.

35% of Car Owners Service Their Own Car

Latest research has shown that 35% of car owners would try to carry out a service themselves in an attempt to save some cash.

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40% of Men Lack Basic DIY Skills

40% of Men Lack Basic DIY Skills

A survey released this week by has shown that four out of ten of men have very little idea when it comes to DIY, in fact they would rather hire a tradesman than attempt even the most basic DIY jobs.

The two main reasons which men attribute to their lack of skills in this area are the fact that their partners tend to book a handyman rather than ask them to do the work and the fact that they spent so long at work they just don't have the time.

The results showed that even the simplest of tasks are beyond most men. 72% admitted they could not replace a broken tile, while 76% would have trouble removing a radiator. Even 39% said they would not be able to strip wallpaper and a shameful 30% had no idea when it came to changing a simple fuse.

Not only does this lack of skills cost money when it comes to hiring professionals, it has also led to expensive repair jobs. One in five admitted they had caused more damage by attempting a DIY job.

The reasons behind this lack of skills appears to be a gap in education. Nearly 50% of those questioned said that no one had ever taught them how to do these jobs and they couldn't be bothered to learn for themselves. Many men also admitted they feel ashamed when they have to ask tradesmen for help.

Tariq Dag Khan from Ratedpeople has pointed out that the best tradesmen will take the time to offer tips on maintenance and that there is no shame in asking for help.

41% of Home-Owners are Putting Their DIY Skills to Good Use

Research from has found that UK home-owners are putting their DIY skills to good use in the winter weather. 41% had taken energy efficient measures in their home, such as insulation and draught excluders, while another 39% would do so if they could receive financial assistance. Just 19% said that they didn't believe their home could be made more energy efficient or they just couldn't be bothered to do so.

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450 New B&Q Products For Elderly DIYers

A report from B&Q has found that an incredible 7.9m people could be left in housing which is not suitable for them as they age. The Generation Evicted Report found that 50% of people want to stay in their own homes as they get older, but just 18% believe their home will be suitable for them.

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5% VAT on Home Improvements

5% VAT on Home Improvements

The Labour Party Conference being held this week appears to offer a lifeline to the home improvement and construction industry as the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls announced a cut in VAT to 5% for home improvements and a national insurance holiday for firms which have less than 10 employees. If they get into power, of course.

While the cut in VAT and the NI holiday would be for just one year it would be welcome relief for the struggling construction industry. However added to some other policies it is thought it would have long term implications for builders and home DIYers alike.

Other plans include bringing forward cancelled school projects and other infrastructure schemes and the introduction of a scheme to fund house building jobs for young people which would be funded by a tax on bank bonuses.

The cut in VAT is expected to cost up to £500 million, however Balls points out that it would result in more work for tradespeople and allow homeowners who cannot sell their homes in a sluggish market to invest in renovations and extensions.

Labour have pointed out that the cuts made by the Tories have done little to stimulate growth and that this had cut jobs. However it was admitted that Labour made their own share of mistakes - in particular not supporting training and not having a tighter grip on immigration.

50% of UK Homes Need Remedial Work

Research from Bosch has recently shown that UK homes are in a worse state of repair than anyone thought. In fact their research indicates that 50% of homes need at least some remedial work.

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5x £50 Focus DIY vouchers up for grabs!

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To celebrate the launch of its fantastic new and exclusive World Of Colour paints range, Focus DIY has teamed up with to offer five website visitors the chance to win £50 of vouchers. **Competition Closed**

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