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60% of DIY Items Purchased By Women

Research by Tesco has discovered that 60% of women are now shopping for DIY items, an increase of nearly 40% on 20 years ago.

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64% of Adults Prefer Doing DIY Than Employ a Tradesman

Marks & Spencer Money has conducted a survey which has shown that 64% of UK adults would rather do a DIY job themselves than employ a tradesman or expert. In addition, one fifth also said they had spilled paint on the carpet or flooring while decorating.

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7 Million Homes Under Insured

A survey conducted by Direct Line has discovered that nearly seven million UK households could be under-insured by an average of £20,000.

It is thought that homeowners could be cutting back on the amount of cover they have in an attempt to save money from their household budget.

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70% of London New Builds Are Bought as Investments

A You Gov survey has found that 37% of people currently living in London would put off having children until they could afford to buy a property.

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74% Of People In The UK Will Undertake a Garden Project This Year

Research from has found that 74% of people in the UK will undertake some sort of garden project this year and may spend as much as £6.8bn.

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75% of Gas Jobs in Scotland Done illegally

The latest figures from the Gas Safe Register have indicated that a possible three quarters of all gas jobs carried out in Scotland homes may be illegal.

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76% Rate Energy Efficiency An Important Factor

Research from Pilkington EnergyKare has found that 76% of would be home-owners now rate energy efficiency as an important factor when buying a home.

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8000 Sign Petition Keep The Paint Scheme At Citadel Station

Nearly 8000 people signed an online petition on Facebook to keep the new paint scheme at the Citadel Station in Carlisle after it was made over by Homebase for one of their ads.

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81% Believe House Prices Will Rise This Year

Optimism in the UK housing market seems to be improving according to a survey by The Housing Market Sentiment Survey has shown that 81% of home-owners believe house prices will rise this year and just 10% expect them to fall.

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9 out of 10 Women Own Power Tools

The Home Improvement Show has highlighted the fact that more and more women are starting to get involved in DIY tasks around the house. The news is backed up by a recent survey which shows that nine out of ten women now own power tools and 67% complete their own DIY projects around their houses.

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A Cut Above The Rest

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You take pride in your home and your DIY skills, so you need reliable tools that will deliver the best results time and again. But whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, there are times when an ordinary saw just won’t cut it...

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A Million People Hire Handymen for Basic DIY Jobs

A Million People Hire Handymen
for Basic DIY Jobs

The latest research from Churchill Insurance has indicated that 6 million people in the UK have hired some form of domestic help such as cleaner, gardeners or handymen.

24% of those who admitted to getting in a little help said that they had done so because they just didn't like doing that type of work. 31% said they don't have the time to do the work themselves and this figure rose to 48% for those aged between 18 and 34.

Most people who hire help get a cleaner and one third asked them to come round at least once a week. 2.5 million Brits had employed a gardener.

The research also showed that one million people in the UK had hired a handyman and asked them to carry out basic DIY jobs. Half a million had even hired someone to do their laundry and ironing.

Martin Scott from Churchill has commented that even during difficult economic times, people still want their houses to look the best they can. Many people are working longer hours and so, domestic help is more important than ever.