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Animal Testing Ban for Household Products

Animal Testing Ban for Household Products

A fact which many DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts might be surprised at is that many household products from cleaners, to glue and paints are still tested on animals in this country. This is despite the testing of cosmetics on animals being banned in 2008. Now the government has agreed that household goods should come under the same rules as cosmetics.

A statement made by the Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone has made it clear that inflicting harm and pain on an animal in the manufacture of household products was unacceptable.

The government has also said that they will announce a consultation with the companies which produce these items to work out the best way to bring the ban in. However they have admitted that they need to work out how to define a household product.

It is thought that it will take several months before a ban is brought in, but the proposal is part of an overall program led by scientists which is calling for the reduction in testing on animals in research. The program is aiming to find alternatives where possible.

Products which are already cruelty free now carry the “leaping bunny” logo and include many household products sold in DIY stores, proving alternatives are available and possible.

Another Swedish Store for DIY and Hardware

Yet another huge chain of Swedish retail stores looks set to makes its mark on the UK DIY and hardware sector. Clas Ohlson already has 11 UK stores but has announced that it intends to build many more.

The chain, which started in a small Swedish village has a huge reputation in Sweden where its eclectic mix of products keeps customers coming back for more.

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Archaeologists Unearth 6th Century BC DIY

A IKEA style do-it-yourself flatpack kit has been unearthed by archaeologists in Italy. The remains of a 6th century BC temple building appear to come with detailed instructions on how to put it together inscribed on the surface of each piece which has been found.

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Are Men Doing More Around The House?

A new study by Dove has shown that 60% of the 1000 men questioned thought that they do much more around the house than their partners think.

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Areas Struggling to Access Home Insulation Grants

Areas Struggling to Access Home Insulation Grants

New figures released this week have indicated that UK islands such as Scilly and the Shetland islands are having trouble accessing the home insulation grants which the government is offering.

The  Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme is run by utility companies in conjunction with DIY stores and local authorities. They have been asked by the government to provide discounts and schemes to improve the levels of insulation in UK homes. However the DECC has this week shown that some local authorities are installing less insulation than others.

Three London boroughs and UK Islands are faring the worst. None of the 800 homes on the isles of Scilly and only 349 homes out of 23,000 homes on the Shetland Islands have benefited from the scheme.

The CERT scheme places a legal obligation on utility companies to provide grants and funding, but does not impose geographical targets. This has meant that those parts of the UK outside of the mainland are missing out.

Residents of these islands have complained that the only way they can take advantage of the scheme is to go to the mainland and buy insulation from one of the DIY stores which is participating by offering discounts. They then have to install it themselves or use local contractors. However some installers on the islands are not willing to become accredited as it is not worth their while.

It has also been pointed out that the same problems will occur when the Renewable Heat Incentive starts next year.

The London boroughs which are falling behind have blamed their problems on the fact that many residents live in flats which cannot be easily insulated.

Arguing about DIY Jobs

A study by eSure has found that couples can spend up to 40 minutes a day arguing about household chores. Not doing DIY jobs or doing a botched DIY job was high on the list of concerns, particularly for women.

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Average DIY Spend Rises

A survey released by Halifax has shown that the average spend on DIY by a home-owner was more than £6000 in the last year, which is around £1000 more than the previous year.

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Avoiding Eye Injuries

Recent research from The College of Optometrists has found that each year in the UK around 30,000 people end up with eye injuries due to DIY activities. They are suggesting that those undertaking any DIY work should take special care of their eyes and wear the recommended eye protection.

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B&Q Ad Complaint Upheld

B&Q Ad Complaint Upheld

The Advertising Standards Authority has, this week, announced that a complaint regarding an advertisement from B&Q has been upheld. The ASA has insisted that the ad be removed and not run again in its present format.

The complaint related to an ad which appeared during March of this year. It was for a promotion on kitchens and offered discounts and free products. The complaint suggested that the ad was misleading as there was no closing date for the promotion. This complaint was upheld.

B&Q have said that they used the CAP Code which allowed them to avoid putting in a closing date on some promotions and that they felt this did not disadvantage the consumer. In addition, the promotion ran for five weeks which is a significant period of time and that the ad suggested customers visit the website for more information.

The ASA pointed out in response, that B&Q did not know how long they intended the promotion to run and that this could have affected the consumers decision on whether to buy or not. This led to a disadvantage for the consumer.

B&Q have been warned that future campaigns must have a closing date and text must be included to encourage customer to find out more about the closing date.

B&Q Awarded Best DIY Retailer

B&Q beat Wickes and Wilkinson to the award for Best DIY Retailer earlier this month as voted for by 6000 consumers.

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B&Q Flash Mob

B&Q staff got into the spirit of Comic Relief this weekend and performed a “flash mob” dance at 330 stores across the country just before lunch on Saturday. The event was part of a world record attempt for the most people to take part in this sort of dance at the same time.

The routine which was performed to the Black Eyed Peas song I've Got a Feeling went down well with customers who were also invited to take part, much to the embarrassment of their children.

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B&Q Forced to Clarify It's Advertising

B&Q have been forced to clarify it's advertising claims after it emerged that not “all” of their kitchens are in fact half price.

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